Can someone help me with cellular calling

I ask for help on cellular calling on my Moto g4, Charlie tried to walk me through the process but was unable to complete the process. Will I find help?

See here for useful info

Make and Receive a Phone Call

Let us know if you are having an issue with any particular aspect of your calls.

The community is mostly other Republic Wireless customers such as yourself helping each other out.

If you feel, you need to contact internal Republic support. Please submit a ticket using this link

Hi @davidw.0jznjc,

You’ve posted your question to Republic’s Community forum. Largely, we’re fellow members doing our best to help.

I believe Charlie is a Republic staff member you were working with via a support ticket. If so, please look here when signed into your Republic account: Republic Help. You should see the ticket in question and responding to that ticket will continue the conversation you started with Charlie.

If you’d like Community to take a shot assisting you, we’ll need more information as to what’s going on. For starters; it would help to know which zip code you’re in and what coverage is provisioned on your G4. The latter can be determined by opening the Phone app and dialing ##786## and letting us know what happens? Either nothing will happen or you’ll be presented with a Sprint DM menu. Knowing anything else you’ve already tried with Charlie’s guidance would be helpful as well. No point in our asking you to take steps you’ve already done.

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