Can someone help?

I had a m

Moto E, but when it got injured , I bought a Moto G4th gen. plus. Apparently I did not activate properly, because it gave me a new phone number. I have to have my original number.

Is there anything I can do?

republic support can swap the numbers and deactivate the old phone Republic Help

Thanks, but so far they have not been willing or able to do anything to help.

There must be one person handling all cases M-F, 8-4.

Hi@davidb.avhjrb ,

When was the ticket submitted? Have you received any response on your ticket? Can you please post your ticket number?

This is a weekend and a number swap is not a high priority item so it could take up to 24 hours from support to deal with this. If you have not received a response since the automated response, or if you did not receive the automated response, let us know. If you post your ticket number we can try to find out if you ticket is in the proper queue.

Not just a weekend but a holiday weekend [Monday is President’s Day]

My ticket # is1068159, I received my new phone last Thursday the 16th. Before I received my phone it was easy to get a reply, example.

As for your old number, you can certainly keep that. Once you receive the new phone, you will simply activate the phone as a replacement to your number. That will then deactivate your old Moto E 2nd Gen and transfer the number to the new phone.

Problem is I know very little and I tried doing this on my own. I should have waited for help.

ping @southpaw@rw is this ticket in the right queue?

Hi @davidb.avhjrb,

I’ll take care of your ticket. Please give me a few minutes to research your account and I’ll reply in your ticket. I’m very sorry you’ve had to wait an extended period of time for a reply, and I’ll also follow up with our customer support team to see how we can avoid such delays in situations such as yours.

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