Can someone verify the Republic 3.0 app works with Cyanogenmod 13/14?

Can anyone verify that the Republic 3.0 app installs and works (i.e. identifies your phone) with Cyanogenmod 13 or 14? Is you phone Moto? Nexus? Samsung? Yes, I do know that Republic cannot support devices with custom roms.

Some failures and successes are mentioned in Custom ROMS!?

I have only seen reports of CM-14 working on a Nexus 6P but no first hand experience


@cbwahlstrom link goes to where I saw the report

Took the plunge. CM 14.1 (based on nougat 7.1.1) with opengapps 7.1 (arm64) works on the Moto X Pure xt1575. Republic app works. Everything’s peachy.

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