Can’t Connect WiFi

Most likely a common problem but I’m unable to connect my moto e6 to my home Wi-Fi. From settings I go to Wi-Fi and I see my home net name is found and it says under the name “saved”. So I click on it and input my password and nothing happens. Then I input the 26 characters numeric number from my modem and still nothing. I remember when I was connecting my other home computers to my Wi-Fi I also had to input the security type but I see nothing similar on the moto e6.

My moto e6 has a basic plan (no internet and no emails or text), I just use it for in/out calls when I’m not home. I also have disabled the mobile data because I was told some apps use it even if I don’t have a need for them

I need the Wi-Fi to be able to do the updates on the phone

Any help is appreciated

Hi @nicolasf.j0fvp8,

As a starting point, please try forgetting your saved network, restarting your phone, then see if you are able to sign back into the network.

In theory, saved means your phone is supposed to remember the network password without needing to re-enter it.

Thank you for your time rolandh

I decided to use my WEP 26 numeric characters from my modem. Now it says “obtaining IP address” and after a while it said “IP configuration failure”. I wish there was a way to save/edit my WEP characters but I did it 3 times and finally I got connected. For people who text often this must be easy but not for me, lol

My thanks again for your help

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