Can the extended home kit work without a physical cell phone?

Can we hook up the extended home kit without a physical cell phone? We want to add a line to our plan to use on the extended home kit but don’t want to purchase a cell phone, is that possible?

The Extend Home does not have a phone number of its own, on the initial set-up you associate the Extend Home Adapter to your RW 3.0 phone.
Here are a couple of docs, and the 1st one states what you asked is not possible.


  • An active phone number on our My Choice (4.0) Plan
  • Note: Each Extend Home adapter can only be associated with one phone number at a time

I understand you need a phone number/line for the Extend Home…do you need an actual physical phone? It says Extend Home will work if your phone is lost or broken, so do you actually need a phone? I want to move a land line number to the Extend Home but I don’t want to buy a cell phone if I don’t need one.

Hi @sherylk,

You would need to activate a Republic SIM in an eligible compatible phone. Theoretically, one might be able to activate a second Republic SIM in an already active eligible compatible phone by swapping one’s current SIM out, then activating the second SIM. Once activated and the Extend Home adapter is setup, one would restore the original SIM and toss the second SIM in a drawer for safekeeping.

Please understand, the above is theoretical. I’ve not tried it, it’s not guaranteed to work and should it not work, one shouldn’t expect Republic to make it work.


Thank you for that idea…a couple more questions.

  1. I have a SIM from a broken Motorola XT1607…can I put that SIM in my Moto G6 Play to try this?

  2. When you change out the SIM does anything change on your phone? I don’t want to have to reset up all my preferences, photos and such.

  3. What’s the process to move a landline number to that SIM?

Unless deactivated less than 20 days ago, the SIM would likely need to be replaced. The Extend Home kit does ship with a SIM intended for those folks activating a bring your own phone and setting up an Extend Home adapter simultaneously but it could be used for this scenario.

No, nothing on the phone changes. Essentially, activating two SIMs in the same phone means one would have two phone numbers on a single phone. Only one of those numbers would be useable on the cell phone at any given time depending upon which SIM was installed. I’ll say it again, while I’ve swapped active non-Republic and Republic SIMs in and out of the same phone, I’ve never activated two Republic SIMs in the same phone. Republic’s systems may or may not handle that gracefully.

It would be the same as moving any phone number to Republic: How to Transfer Your Number to Republic Wireless – Republic Help.

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I have a problem, I received a SIM card with the Home Extender and put it in my phone and activated it and then asked for my landline number to be transferred to it. WHen I put my SIM back in my phone, it says it can not activate it because it’s registered to another phone. I had my daughter call me and the call went through. Should I not have tried to “activate” the SIM since it came out of this phone originally? Is it working because I’m on WIFI, will it work on cell mode? Thanks!

Hi @sherylk,

I’m sorry you didn’t receive an answer here. Can you let us know how things are going?

I think what I’d like to do, if it would help, is send you an old phone that you could use for the SIM card that is associated with your Extend Home unit.

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Everything is working fine, thank you.


You know after having this a couple of days…if you could send me an old phone that would help a lot. Thank you!

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