Can the Moto X phone I bought from you be used in Kenya?


can the Moto X phone I bought from you be used in Kenya. Can I replace the chip to use with ones from Kenya? Is the phone Unlocked?


Hi @barbaraz.aqxxl3

It is important to know which Moto X you have.

Is this a new phone? or an older one?.


With the Moto X Pure Edition this can be done. And with any Moto X you can call back to the US and Canada over Wi-Fi.

The Moto X first and second gen. phones from Republic won’t work on the phone networks in Kenya. To make a “local call” in Kenya you will need to have a long distance calling card that gives you a US number to call (which you can dial over Wi-Fi) and places a long distance call to Kenya from here in the US.

All 3 Moto X phones are unlocked but the 1st and 2nd gen. phones have a custom ROM to enable Wi-Fi calling. The custom ROM won’t work with foreign SIM cards and the ROM [effectively] cannot be replaced with an alternate version.


There are other options besides an international calling card with a U.S. access number: Adding International Calling to Your Republic Phone | Republic Wireless Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia.