Can use LG Phoenix 3?



Can an unlocked unregistered LG Phoenix 3 be used with Republic Wireless? That phone is sold for use with ATT’s 4G LTE network, but it’s easily unlocked. The LG Phoenix 3 is not listed on Republic’s website as usable with Republic Wireless, but it apparently has all the needed chips and firmware to work with a 4G LTE network, and if unlocked MIGHT it work with Republic’s (i.e. T-Mobile’s) 4G LTE network? Is the lack of listing due to Republic Wireless just not having tested it, or that Republic Wireless has found that it (or any other LG) will not work with its (i.e. T-Mobile’s) network?



Hi @TeaDan!

Unfortunately, the LG Phoenix 3 is not compatible with Republic. The phones that will work with Republic are listed here and must be the right model numbers. Republic does extensive testing with those devices to ensure users have a great experience. I hope that helps!



I know that the listed phones will work, but has the LG Phoenix 3 been shown BY TEST not to work? Is the incompatibility you mention BY TEST or by just not having been tested? The LG Phoenix 3 and 2 both have Android Marshmallow, BTW. What would keep them from working with Republic’s network?



Hi @TeaDan!

It hasn’t been certified. Republic doesn’t announce which phones they are testing so I have no way to know if they have ever tested it. Republic uses special technology to route calls and texts over WiFi. Only certified phones (i.e. the ones listed) can take advantage of this technology and, therefore, will work on Republic. I hope that helps!



It’s simple Republic’s app checks if a phone is an approved model and software build before one can activate the SIM, or before it will configure the phone for Republic service [if SIM is already active], if it not on the list it not going to work


OK, I infer from your response that the reason that the LG Phoenix 3 (and other LGs) aren’t “certified” is proprietary to Republic Wireless or because LG refuses to reveal proprietary info. IOW, politics or licensing may be involved.



That side-steps the question of WHY the app is so restrictive, i.e. why the phone is not on the list when, by all specifications, it should be.



All phones Republic has approved have been North American Factory Unlocked and not carrier variants which LG has not really made [other than the Nexus 5x]


Republic’s unique (sufficiently unique to be patented) app based blended WiFi/cell service isn’t the same as simply activating a phone on a cellular network. Republic’s WiFi first service blends the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network of Republic’s former parent company with the network of one of two cellular partners.

Republic has tested its’ blended service only on supported phones. To provide members the best possible user experience, Republic activates those phones and not others. Each manufacturer makes tweaks to the underlying Android operating system. Tweaks made by LG may or may not work well (or at all) with Republic’s blended service. Equally possible, Republic simply hasn’t had the opportunity yet to test the models you reference.

No politics involved, just a desire to provide the best possible user experience by limiting support to a specific subset of Android phones proven to work well with its’ blended service.


Not to mention, the Nexus 5X’s flavor of Android was supplied by Google and not tweaked in any way by LG.


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