Can we enroll in the Android O beta?

If we have an eligible device, any clue if enrolling in the Android O beta will break republic functionality?

Hi hurtado
I do not belive it will work on RW because of of it being a Beta version,an they have not tested it ,or approved it for use as of yet. When it goes live as a update final, then you
will see them approve it for use on a approved phones.
I have a nexus 5x an was beta testing 7.1.2 Went to byop tp RW an they said my phone was not approved As soon as the final load was sent an not beta it was ok to byop my phone

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Thanks @morrisb.mvhqhs That was my hunch so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask if anyone else had tried the betas in the past.

I think on the beta testing Android O beta it is only in the 2ed stage dev at this time
My nexus 5x is still on FI an Iam waiting for at least dev4 to come out it is still buggey.
I would wait for final load if your phone is with RW.

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