Can we expect Republic to add support for the OnePlus Z/Nord when it releases this summer?

OnePlus has begun teasing their new midrange handset, the Onelus Z/Nord, and it looks incredibly promising. This phone’s expected price and capabilities line up with the spirit and mission of Republic’s business model, so I would be very disappointed if they don’t offer BYOP support for this phone. If support is offered, I hope it doesn’t take long. OnePlus’s R&D cycle often results in production stoppage after 6 months, which means RW needs to be swift when adding this model.

What are the chances RW pulls through on this? Even better - what are the chances RW adds this phone in their store?

Hi @wesleyp.jgvmti - I’m just another member with no inside track on RW plans. RW doesn’t really share future plans. Updates are posted as announcements here: Announcements & News - Member Community

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Anything else I say would be conjecture mixed with some hope. Don’t know if anyone else has anything to share. They will certainly jump in if they do

I’d put it at little to none. OnePlus has done exclusive carrier deals with previous phones, including with T-Mobile and AT&T and then has sold the unlocked version only themselves or through certain major retailers.

I was waiting for someone to ask this. RW or reps here won’t say anything either way. But we kind of want that phone. If a lot of people showed interest for this phone, would they allow it for byop? Its possible. May be not. But we’ll show interest anyway. RW will get pixel 4a at some point. 1+ Z would be a good alternate for pixel 4a for anyone looking for a larger battery and screen.

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Won’t hurt to make sure your BYOP interests are known.

Thanks for the link. People should show some interest for the Z. Let’s see if RW gets it done. On a side note - no one knows if oneplus Z is coming to US or not. Its possible they never bring it here.


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