Can We Get Trial Phone Numbers?

Greetings all… I’m considering a RW phone to replace my landline… but since I don’t yet know how good the RW cell service is in my area… I don’t want to transfer my home phone number just yet. Are we given trial numbers for testing purposes?


First check that your number is eligible to be ported to Republic Wireless

When you activate a new line of service with Republic, you get a new phone number local to your billing address.

The new line comes with a 14-day Money Back Guarantee.

So that should give you enough time to evaluate the service.

When you are ready to port your existing number over to Republic you can initiate that request from the online account portal.

See here for full details of the Number Porting process

Number Transfers

Hi @robbs ,

A lot of people have their land line connected to a home phone system. That can play into the decision to replace the land line with a cell phone. Also, a lot of people have good quality WiFi in their homes and with Republic Wireless that is another factor to consider since it will render cell coverage at home moot.

Republic Wireless is a Wi-Fi first company. The phones are configured to work on WiFi (when present) and fall back to cell. Cell phones can be connected to home phone systems using adapters or that same capability built into many home phone systems. When a call comes in every handset on the home phone system will ring so it isn’t necessary to carry the cell phone around the house with you. It can be left connected to a charger in Bluetooth range of the home phone system. Cell call can be placed from any handset too, so in this replacement scenario one sees little difference in how their phones work after the switch.

Not having good WiFi at home is somewhat of a handicap since data over WiFi is essentially free and phones/apps get a lot of updates. I get app updates almost daily and don’t use a byte of cell data to download them.

Some people who have good WiFi buy an inexpensive Republic Wireless 2.0 phone and put it on the $5.00 WiFi only plan. The phone never leaves home and is connected as described above. All incoming and outgoing calls are free and there are no long distance charges. Their land line bill is essentially reduced to $5.00 plus applicable tax. Some of the used 2.0 phones are so cheap as to make practical having a spare on hand in case their working phone fails.

At this time all of the 2.0 phones (new ones aren’t available) work on Sprint. You can check their coverage here:

Most of the 3.0 phones work on T-Mobile but some limited testing with them on Sprint is underway. You can check the T-mobile coverage here:

4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile

As @amitl mentioned, you have a 14-day trial period. If the phone doesn’t work out for you your only cost will be one-way shipping and it will take about a month to get your money back. The phone must be returned in like-new condition with original packaging and accessories. The returned phone is rendered as B-Stock thereby costing Republic Wireless a fair amount of money. In all fairness this should be be avoided so please take WiFi into consideration and check the 2.0 and 3.0 cell coverage before making your decision.

Here is a link to the adapter that connects my cell phone to my home phone system:…



I in fact have a E1 for a home phone with the Xlink BTTN my friend @billg sent you a link of. I plug my old 5 Motorola cordless handset/answering machine into the BTTN and answer the home phone anywhere in the house. I had bad batteries in the old handsets but new batteries were available online 5 for $24. vs Radioshacks 1 for $36. Win Win situation, I now save $18 a month for 1.5 yrs. Hmm what to spend that money saved on next?

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Let’s see if I can finally post a reply without an error…

Thanks for the reply. I’ve been anticipating dumping the cable land line for a while and last year I bought one of those Cell2Phone systems where the cell calls connect thru bluetooth to cordless phones. What’s put me off making the leap is the junk calls I get… which I don’t want to have to deal with when I on the go or vacation. But since I also want to cut the cord for cable TV… this might be the time.


Have RW support change the Sprint underlying number & hope you get one that the previous owner paid his/her bills. You won’t need the Xlink BTTN if you have that phone system that can connect on it’s own with bluetooth.

Republic Help

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Every Republic Wireless phone has 2 numbers, the number you see and an underlying number from either Sprint or T-Mobile. This can increase the number of junk calls but at least RW makes it very easy to change either your main number or your underlying number.

Phone numbers are reused. When you get a new number there is always the chance that the previous holder of that number set himself/herself up for a lot of junk calls and then walked away from the number. There isn’t much RW or any other provider can do about this.

Well, you can do what I did. When I bought my two Moto X Pures it was during a sale on amazon. I would not have been able to activate them on RW for two weeks (and my window for possibly returning the phones would have closed). A friend of mine recommended ting to me. They have service on both cdma (sprint) and gsm (t-mobile) so it was a no-brainer really. I just ordered a gsm sim card from ting and activated it no problem. The t-mobile service I got in and outside of my house was acceptable so I happily waited for my RW sim cards to be sent to me. I keep the ting sim active as a backup, should I need it. It’s only like 6 bucks plus tax since I don’t use the service and have texting and whatnot disabled on the account. If you get someone to refer you, you both get $25 in credit so you can get away with only paying the cost of the sim and shipping. I think it’s like 9 bucks total but sometimes they have sales. I got mine when it was 1 dollar for the sim.

For the RW phones to work on WIFI at home you need either a DSL or cable ISP and modem/router unless signed into a neighbors’ network.

If the cellular coverage is good at your home the phone will work without WiFi after the initial activation.

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