Can we keep our SIMs when going to Pixel 3a from Moto X1 and X2?

What phone do you have?
Moto X1 and
Moto X2

What plan are you on?
Moto X1: Republic Refund
Moto X2: WiFi and Cell Talk and Text and 3G Data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

We’re replacing a Moto X1 and an X2 with Google Pixel 3a phones. Do we also need to replace the SIM cards or can we just move the SIM cards from the old phones to the new phones?

You’ll need new SIM cards. Can you share your ZIP code so we can offer the best advice regarding SIM cards?

Also, are you aware that you’ll need to move to the My Choice Plan?

I was afraid of that. We’re in northern VA.

And yeah, I knew we’d both have to give up our old plans someday. It’'ll still be a lot cheaper than Google Fi or one of the big carriers.

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Hi @cg1,

The SIM cards installed in your X1 & X2 should remain in the respective phones to be able pass along to others or reactivated as a spare in the future.


You will need new SIMs. The good news is the GSM partner (T-Mobile) has great coverage in NoVA (I’m here myself). You can get the SIMs you need here: SIM Card – Republic Wireless or here:

Thank you everyone for the help and quick responses!

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