Can we lock our phone number to keep scammers from porting it?

Are there protections in Republic to keep scammers from porting my phone number to another service? Also, once a number is ported to another service does my phone stop working on Republic? I guess what I am asking is, will I know pretty quickly that my phone number has been ported or is my number duplicated where the scammer and I both get texts and calls?

Hi @chelea.t4a4ua and welcome to the Community!

Anyone attempting to port your number would need your account PIN. More on setting up an account PIN is linked here: How to Set Up or Update Your Account PIN – Republic Help.

Yes, however, the process typically takes 3 days or more to complete: Anatomy of a Number Transfer.

There’s something known as a period of dual service when a number is in the process of being ported. Generally, one would be able to make but not receive calls on the other provider’s service but calls and text messages would continue to route to Republic until any port was complete.

Bottom line, if not already done, go ahead and set up an account PIN. I also suggest making sure one’s Republic account password is strong and not also used on other sites.

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