Can we use a new phone for photos while waiting to activate?

My wife has an old phone on a 4.0 plan. I bought her a Pixel 5a that hasn’t yet powered on and created a new 5.0 plan account. We will receive her 5.0 SIM card in the mail today. The old phone has an extremely limited battery and exhibits very long delays opening the camera and doesn’t take quality pictures and video.

That brings me to my question. She would love to video a big reveal tomorrow using the new phone. If we activate the phone tonight following all the best advice for a 4.0 number transfer, what is the worst thing that might happen? Could she get stuck without service on either device?

Second question: will I be able to port my separate 4.0 plan number into her new 5.0 account in a month or two so that we can save on costs?

@ericr.c4utdc, Yes, she could. We would hope that she won’t, but we are seeing a large number of porting issues at this time. I would encourage anyone who doesn’t have an urgent need to move to 5.0 to wait and let us work through these unforeseen issues.

I’m not quite understanding this part. Is the “big reveal” at all related to having new phone service, like an unboxing of the phone or review of 5.0 plans? If not, the new phone would work to shoot video that could then be uploaded to your preferred hosting platform over WiFi. She could do this without needing to activate the phone on her Republic account.

Yes. Adding a second line to a 5.0 account can be done at any time, and waiting a bit would appear to be very wise.

The big reveal has to do with a Christmas gift, and has nothing to do with phones. :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you for your advice. We’ll hold off on activation.