Can you block private number on Moto x4?

Can’t find any info or settings in the phone to block calls from private and unknown numbers. Is it even possible on a Moto X4 with Pie?

I believe this provides your answer,unfortunately its not the answer you were hoping for, Can I Block a Call from a Number That Is Restricted or Private? – Republic Help

Hmmm. My home phone is VOIP thru my ISP and it allows you to block any caller that doesn’t display a caller ID name/number. It gives them an automated message saying they need to unblock their number or something.

But there’s no way to do this on my phone itself? (Not in RW settings)

See if this works:

Thanks, but unfortunately none of those work for me. I have Pie which doesn’t have the block private number feature. JBen already verified RW will not block it for me. The blocking apps will not completely reject the call like my ISP does. They just send the call to my VM (which I don’t want) and is the same as me just not answering or manually rejecting from the screen.

If other wireless carriers can offer this service, I’m not sure why RW can’t/won’t? :thinking:

Some other carriers don’t offer wifi calling, but Republic has for years, why don’t they?

Other carriers offer service overseas, Republic doesn’t, why don’t they?

Toyota offers gas cars, Tesla doesn’t, why don’t they?

On and on. Different companies offer difference capabilities across their products. Building an maintaining these capabilities costs money therefore every company must make a decision as to whether or not they believe the investment is worth the payoff. The simple answer is they don’t offer it because someone somewhere in the company has decided that the limited resources they have are better dedicated to something else.

It was just a question of curiosity, I’m not criticizing RW for not offering this feature.

There are some 3rd party apps. I haven’t used them on my phone. My voip cable phone isp uses nomorerobo.

This will not work with Republic as it requires simultaneous ring.

There is a Nomorobo Android app but unlike the VoIP service it’s not free.

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Ok, songc, I have the PERFECT solution to your issue, no need for apps or services or anything, all done by manipulating the native settings. It works great on my phone (a gen1 motoX), although I heard they changed some of these settings on later phones.

The one downside is it takes a little while to set this up the first time, after that, it’s a cakewalk.

All you have to do is set your ring volume (with it’s associated settings of “ALL”, “PRIORITY”, and “NONE”) to only accept incoming calls from your phonebook’s “PRIORITY” list. Then you go through every entry in your phone book and star (PRIORITY) the people and numbers you want to allow to ring through. Everyone else gets shunted to voicemail. Spam callers won’t bother to leave a message 99.9% of the time, and if they’re an important caller that’s unknown, they’ll leave a message and you’ll get a chime when they do, allowing you to screen the call and call them back if you so desire. This works LIKE A DREAM! I used to get 2-3 calls PER DAY from some spammer telling me the warranty on my 23 year old vehicle was about to expire (oh NOES!), and I should act fast to buy an extended warranty from them! As soon as I set my settings like I described above, I never heard from them again, instantly! I still get all my calls from my peeps, and any time I have a temporary need, I can star that one contact (like my repair shop) and their calls come right through, or simply switch back to accepting “ALL” calls if I’m expecting the pizza delivery guy, then immediately change it back once I get my pie!

This works SO well, I now am ~amused~ when I get a spam caller that actually takes the time to leave a message on my voicemail. I gives me a special warm feeling deep down when I hit that trash can icon after I listen to the one or two times per year I get an obviously foreign newb leave a pleading message in halting English to call them about my IRS return (Which the IRS ~never~ does… they’ll write to you, never call).

I hope your phone allows you to make these changes, because they’re SO effective. I haven’t had to deal with a nuisance call in years.

Hope this brings sanity back to your life!

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Ok songc, so I didn’t see your reply above where you don’t want things shunted to VM (although I couldn’t imagine why). Avast mobile security used to have a setting where you could block individual numbers (private numbers still didn’t work) where you could add a number to Avasts blocked list, and it wouldn’t even get to VM. They used to allow you to add numbers straight from your call log, but Congress passed a law that disallowed that (seemingly in opposition to what the public has been demanding from them for decades. Guess we know who butters THEIR bread!) You can still add numbers to this list for Avast to block, but you have to do it manually, entering each number individually, typing them in.

mortd, so I’m one of those that don’t answer a number I don’t know. However, if someone hides their number you can’t block it because there’s no number shown. All this was because someone with a Private number kept calling my cell.

I still maintain a separate number at my house. This is the number I use for accounts and such. I don’t give my cell number out to anyone unless absolutely necessary and this GREATLY limits the number of spam calls that follow me around on the cell. The vast majority of spam calls go to the home phone which I have nomorobo on, but ironically it doesn’t block the calls that are obviously dialed by a computer because it says V followed by a string of digits representing a date/time stamp.

I don’t understand these complaints. I am with Republic Wireless and I have a Moto X4 and my Republic app/Gear/Call and Voicemail Settings/Configure spam call blocking has separate options for me to select either “Block spam calls” or “Block spam calls & voicemails” or “Allow all calls.” I choose the first option because spammers rarely waste time leaving voicecalls but doctors’ offices use outgoing phone numbers not in my directory to confirm appointments and/or other important messages and they normally WILL leave me a voicemail I want, given that option. If you don’t care about doctors’ calls but want to block an obnoxious person or ex from bothering you then choose the RW’s middle option.
In addition I use the app called “Call Control” with “Premium Protection Enabled” and under Systems in Android my Default Ringer for calls not in my directory is set to “Silence-notification_sound-1680826” obtained from Zedge.
So what’s the problem? And why blame it on Republic Wireless?
All it takes is a little research, forethought and planning.

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You’ve misunderstood the question. It’s about blocking “Private Caller” numbers where it won’t show a name or number of the caller. This isn’t about spam calls per se and no one was complaining about anything. This was a How To (if possible) question.

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