Can you bring back usage rebates or offer rollover data?

I am still a customer but find RW to rapidly be becoming just another low cost service provider. Initially you offered very competitive pricing and service options that others did not. Now it is becoming very difficult to distinguish what you offer that Google or Sprint don’t offer directly. I have a daughter in college who invariably runs out of data 6-7 days before the end of the month on the 2gb plan, then upgrades to 4gb and only gets a about 40% of that data before the billing cycle repeats. If you still offered usage rebates on the new plans (similar to what google offers) or rollover like many other carriers this would be less frustrating and costly. You will have my patronage for the near future, but ProjectFi came real close to snagging me away last time I upgraded for the family and if your service continues to move away from being value centric, I would expect to move to another provider in the next 12 months.


I was disappointed when the screen broke on my Moto X that I could not longer buy a phone from RW that was available with the Republic Wireless 2.0 plan.

My wife and I generally both use only about 250mb of data each, so that plan was ideal.

Now I have to buy 1gb just for me.

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