Can you change the outgoing caller ID on your republic wireless number

Is a person able to change their outgoing caller ID info to show their name when calling someone

Hi @markk.c40z7y,

Please see here:

Please note there are limitations to what Republic is able to do. In the U.S. Caller ID Name (CNAM) is never transmitted with a phone call. Rather it is looked up by the receiving service provider and matched to your phone number (which is what gets transmitted) in one of several commercially available databases. This is known as a dip and dips are not free. Consequently many service providers use less expensive databases, which don’t get updated often or don’t provide the service at all. Google Voice may be the most well known example. They simply don’t provide CNAM to their users.

Bottom line, Republic can and will provide the information to the purveyors of these commercial databases. Republic cannot guarantee the receiving service provider will use a quality database or provide the service at all.

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