Can you double transfer phone numbers?

My daughter recently lost her RW phone, and my son wants to upgrade his RW phone. I know that transferring his number, apps, etc. will not be a problem. But then I’d like to keep my son’s old phone active but transfer my daughter’s number to my son’s old phone and deactivate my daughter’s old lost RW phone. Could someone explain whether this is possible and how I can do this?


Buy the sons phone and activate it as a replacement to his old phone. Use the same Gmail account to transfer his contacts by sync. The playstore has all his apps listed in Playstore —>3 Horizontal lines in the left side of search bar—>My apps—> all

Activate My Phone

When all is done factory reset the sons old phone.

Factory Reset

Then repeat the process on the old phone of the son/ now daughters new phone. Activate the phone as a replacement to her old phone.

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