Can you turn off wifi if cell service is available?

We live in an area where cell service is marginal at best. Looking at Republic Wireless as an option. Our WIFI is only available via satelite. Out daughter in law has Sprint as a carrier and can use her phone. My question is listed in the topic. Can you turn the wifi off and just use cell service if both are available?


short answer, yes
native service you will use cell data, so plan
roaming, not possable

you can restrict data usage on wifi

Many folks, me included, put our phones in Airplane mode while at home and make/receive calls over WiFi. However, satellite internet service usually has high latency which won’t work well with VoIP (Republic’s service is VoIP). You can test your connection’s latency (ping) at, or a variety of other internet speed testing sites. Ideally, you want no more than double-digit latency (measured in milliseconds). Unless it has improved dramatically in the past couple of years, satellite latency, at least in my experience, tends to run in the 500-700ms range, at best. That just won’t work with VoIP.

Republic Wireless partners with both Sprint and T-mobile. If you are in an area with a serviceable signal from either carrier, you shouldn’t need WiFi for calling purposes, but can still use it for data purposes.

As you’ve apparently gathered, satellite internet is typically not very good for voice calls over Wi-Fi. While you can turn off Wi-Fi on the phone, a better solution might be to implement some changes to your Wi-Fi router. If you block UDP port 5090 voice calling will be done over cellular, but you can use your satellite internet for everything else on the phone.

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That’s a great point for a new subscriber (with satellite internet service). If you don’t block port 5090 on the router and you keep your phone’s WiFi turned on for data, the calls will try to come in over WiFi and just cause problems. Blocking port 5090 is easy enough and would prevent this problem. :+1:

We only need to be able to text not talk over wifi. I had heard that the latency was the problem with satelite. We have a landline for voice.

Thanks for the info. Republic is our first choice.


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