Canadian calling/texting

I am currently on mychoice 20/month(1 G) plan on GSM network on older MOTO G4. I am currently able to text/call Canada(assume Wifi only)
A) If I stay on this plan,as it appears I am able to will I still be allowed to text/call Canada
B) If I Switch to the new pan will I have to double to $40 plan to get International calling?texting ie Canada specifically.

none of the new plans include Canadian talk the 2 unlimited plans $40/$60 plans do have international texting which would include Canada

Actually, on your current My Choice plan, calls to Canada may be made over cell as well as WiFi.


International text messaging but not calling (to Canada and other countries) is included in the two higher tier plans.


Ok So if I understand correctly I can stay on this plan indefinately to keep the calling/texting to Canada.
So it would definately be a downgrade for me to change plans.

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Republic has not announced any plans to end support for My Choice plans but no one and certainly not I can guarantee support will be indefinate.

If calling to Canada is important to you and you are otherwise not interested in Republic’s new plans, then yes one might consider it a downgrade. If it were me, I’d stay put on My Choice and see what happens.


Daughter lives in Canada so important.I will stay as long as keeping my old plan allows.
I have been with Republic almost since they started so it is disappointing to have to sift through all the 100 plus plans out there.

While I can’t guarantee that day won’t come, I think you can leave the sifting for the future.

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