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I will in Canada in May with Scouts camping at a Scout camp. There will be no Wifi.

I have seen many posts regarding Canada, but wondering if anything has changed and if there is coverage (non Wifi) in Canada, in particular in Toronto.


No change. Republic offers cellular coverage only in the continental US.

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Hi @alexandras.r1kckr,

While true that Republic is unable to offer cellular coverage in Canada, there may be options for using your Republic phone there on cellular. For further insight, may we know the brand, model and generation of the phone you currently use with Republic?

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My phone is Moto G5. My sons have Moto E4 Play.

Thank you for the additional context! All of those phones may use alternative cellular service in Canada. The dilemma is the Canadian cellular market is the absolute worst at least in terms of 1st world countries. It’s so bad, the last time I traveled there I used a U.K. SIM but I don’t expect you would have those laying around. :slightly_smiling_face:

This resource is a good read:

If none of the Canadian options seem attractive (and they really aren’t) this section offers some good ideas for U.S. providers who unlike Republic offer roaming cellular coverage in Canada at rates that may well be better than native Canadian options:

You don’t need to move your Republic numbers to another U.S. provider if you choose that route. You may simply obtain new numbers for use in Canada. If you choose a Canadian provider, you’ll be provided with Canadian numbers. You would switch between Republic service on WiFi (I mention it even though you explicitly state no WiFi access will be available) and alternative cellular service by swapping SIM cards.

One more thing; may we know the SIM type for yours and your sons’ phones? Here’s how to tell:

I won’t be online much longer this evening, however, if no one else picks up on the conversation, I’ll follow-up tomorrow.


Thank you so much for this information!


Would Republic Wireless phones work on WiFi in Canada? I found a portable hot spot I might get.

In a word, yes though calling and messaging can be a bit temperamental when connected to a mobile hotspot via WiFi when moving such as when driving. It’s likely to work best when the hotspot is stationary. Accessing the Internet on your phone via the hotspot when moving isn’t likely to be an issue.

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