Cancel one line only for a short time

We need to cancel one phone line only temporarily or until we get another phone to reinstate the line. This is due to a theft that occurred Wednesday, February 22, 2017. We would like to save that number if possible?#

There is only one way to save your number. Buy your replacement phone and activate it as a replacement for the lost phone. This will transfer the number to the new phone and deactivate the lost phone. In the meantime, you can see if anyone is using the lost phone by looking at your RW call history in your account.

You can also temporarily suspend cellular service on the line. That does not deactivate the line and you will be responsible for the on-going billing…but that can limit the usage of that line until you get a replacement phone.

Please submit a help ticket to achieve this.

isn’t this only doable on Legacy phones? (the old $5 plans)

You are right about switching to $5 WiFi only plan as one option to shut off cellular service.

However, RW can do this on 3.0 phones as well - it is treated as a suspension of cellular service, it can only

be achieved by submitting a help ticket.

I always heard Republic doesn’t do suspensions of service is the monthly cost still the $15 no cell data plan cost?

This isn’t meant as a generic number parking service. But for the special circumstances of lost/stolen phone…RW can

temporarily suspend cellular service. The plan costs would continue at whatever plan you are on at the time of the loss.

well the smart thing would be to request the plan to downgraded to it’s lowest cost for the duration of the suspension (knowing that downgrade would happen on billing date)

though it may still be better to find a number parking service for any real duration of suspension)

this is good information Thank you

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