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Hello, I’m lost and I tried to cancel my first phone and I bought a new one but I don’t know why I still pay my old phone because it’s on deactivate. I need help and how to cancel the first phone that’s on deactivate.


Hi @khamv.mnxj9z!

You should be able to login into your Republic account and cancel your phone there. Just be aware that you will lose the phone number attached to that line. Go here: Phones | Republic Wireless , click “I want too…”, and then click “cancel service.”

You said that you bought a replacement phone? Did you activate it as a replacement to you old phone or did you choose to open a new line?



It’s a new line but from my bill I noticed that I still have to pay the old phone so I don’t know what else to do.


Ok so you now have 2 lines and you want to cancel the old one. Am I correct?


That’s right!


Ok. Just follow the instructions I gave above. Go to your account and login. Then choose the device you want to deactivate and click the “I want to…” button. Then click “cancel service” from the sub-menu. Please note that by doing this you will lose your number on that line.



The old one I already deactivated but I still don’t know why I still have to pay the old one and it’s on my bill too.


Hi @khamv.mnxj9z,

Deactivating a lost phone suspends service not billing. To stop paying the bill, service must be canceled rather than just suspended. @mb2x has provided the guidance needed to cancel service to your lost phone (and stop paying the bill). Please let us know if you have additional questions.


Hi @khamv.mnxj9z,

The Community cannot see your account history. If you have specific questions about your account and billing, please open a support ticket at: Tickets | Republic Wireless so someone on the support team can look into your billing situation.


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