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I need to cancel a phone order…How do I do that?


Hi @bryang.dhxq2j

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First thing is the answer: Once an order is put in, it is not possible for it to be stopped.

At this time, Republic’s ordering system (fulfillment system) is highly automated and offsite. In another way of putting it, Republic actually doesn’t control that much of the shipping process after the order gets put in. The order gets set to a warehouse, a label is slapped onto the box and it gets passed off.

One thing you can do now is actually maybe contact your credit card company to put in a stop payment. If the payment doesn’t go though, the phone won’t be shipped.

Otherwise, if the phone makes it out to you, Republic has a Money Back Guarantee so you can return the phone back for a refund of the phone and service.

OR, on the other hand, if you ordered on of the newer phones, if you don’t care so much about republic, you can cancel the Republic service, get a refund on the plan price, and take your brand new unlocked phone elsewhere. Republic is a contract free service and the new phones are not tied to Republic so you can use it with other carriers as you want.

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