Cancel service on Republic


I am already on T-Mobile with a new phone, same number. I need my Republic bill canceled.


Hi @lynnl.xp810x!

If you ported your line out of Republic, then that will effectively cancel your service with Republic on that line. If you have other lines still with Republic, then it will only cancel the one line ported out. If you have multiple lines and wish to cancel all of them, please see this document: How to Cancel Your Service – Republic Help . Note that you will receive a prorated refund for the rest of your service for the remainder of the current billing cycle. I hope that helps! Out of curiosity, why did you switch to T-mobile?



They had a deal on iphones and a senior rate. My son wanted me to do it for myself and my mother to Facetime with (great)grandson. I have been very happy with RW.


Hi @lynnl.xp810x!

Thanks for replying! I understand :slight_smile: . I am going to try to get my dad to switch from Sprint to the senior plan on T-Mobile. That being said, I am glad that your experience with Republic has been good. Make sure to keep an eye on Republic (rumor has it that an iPhone may be making it’s way to Republic sometime this year). Enjoy your iPhone and your service with T-Mobile! Hope to see you back on Republic in the future!



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