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So, I want to cancel my republic service. I have my number transferred already to different provider. they assure me i am with them now. If i cancel service with republic and say I don’t want to save my number because it’s already switched, will that screw up the transfer that has already been done? I went back to the provider the number was originally from.

Hi @danam.x3pm21 ,

Please do not manually cancel a line that is being transferred to another provider. There are additional routing changes that need to take place on our end, and if your line is not yet automatically cancelled, it is an indication those changes have not yet taken place.

If the number has been working on the new provider for more than 3 business days, please open a support ticket and we’ll look at what may be preventing the cancellation on our end.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can answer or do for you.

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