(Canceled) Call for Early Adopter BETA testers: Nokia 1.3

Update 5/14/20 - Nokia 1.3 Early Adopter Beta has been canceled.

Update 5/6/20 - if interested, please reply below, but do not place orders for this phone until you have confirmation from me that you’ve been selected.

There is the possibility we will not be able to move forward with this BETA test.

We’re looking for a few Nokia fans who would like to participate in our Early Adopters program with early access to test the Nokia 1.3 on our service.


  • You must submit an interest form that includes a legal disclaimer, and pass a basic screening process.
  • You must have functional coverage with our GSM carrier partner.
  • You must provide your own Nokia 1.3. Please make sure you do not buy the carrier-subsidized version.
  • You will be expected to provide feedback in our #beta category.

If you’re willing to help us expand our portfolio of supported phones and help us bring Nokia to Republic Wireless, please reply below.


johnny5 reporting for duty. I’m happy to help with this beta test.

I found a phone at B&H Photo. I have used them successfully in the past. I am a satisfied, repeat customer of B&H. Here’s a link to the phone:

It’s not in stock yet and with the current turmoil in global supply chain, I’m not surprised. There is no date for availability at this point.

You will need to have a phone in hand because the interest form will ask for the phone’s IMEI.

The compatible model is Nokia 1.3 TA-1207.


I wouldn’t expect too much from this phone. The processor is pretty slow (just a little faster than the Alcatel A30).

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Be aware this phone uses Android 10 Go edition https://www.androidauthority.com/android-go-773037/

I would be willing to BETA test the Nokia.

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Hi @mineakey,

It does use Android Go. any particular reason you feel that’s deserving of a warning or heightened awareness?

Android go is for phones with less than 2gb of memory. In this case it has 1 gb. These phones were created for emerging markets like India. They will do well for someone who doesn’t use their phone a ton but they are no replacement for what we typically call a budget phone.Normal apps will not run well with 1gb of ram. “Keep in mind that these apps may be slimmer and faster, but they might be missing a feature or two. For example, you can’t set reminders or control smart home devices with Assistant Go, but you can do most other standard things like set alarms, open apps, and ask various questions.”

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looks like it is in stock at adorama https://www.adorama.com/nopnn100332.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwncT1BRDhARIsAOQF9LlDq5yi_FO5B71L8GTCLWelJud59o1T7hjHpU9eEQvT-ErFcfOuKOIaAlIYEALw_wcB&utm_source=adl-gbase

Hi @mineakey,

It’s a bit hidden but not quite yet:

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Good catch!

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I would beta test something with more meat to the memory 16gb sucks and the OS practically uses that with not leaving much to play with. It seems to me that RW can pick something a little bigger in the 64GB range…Now 32gb is a fine phone in my eyes but cut that in half and your asking for people to complain about a phone where you cant download anything and the phone locks up with memory issues.
Just my honest opinion
I am waiting for the next successor to the X4 that I dearly love but the battery now sucks so bad if I walk out to the garage i lose 15% for unplugging the phone…a 60 foot walk…

Thanks @travisr.ohxyz9!

Please don’t place any order until I get a chance to follow up with you by personal message. With feedback on this phone from internal testing and some comments from our members here, we may end up removing this one from our roadmap.

Would you mind telling us what your interest in this phone specifically is?

I’ll chime in here on this phone. First, while I understand Republic’s desire to have low priced options for its members, I don’t think this phone is it. Quite frankly, I’m not sure what Nokia is thinking even offering this phone in the US. The $99 price point isn’t at all competitive for what you can get at that price. The Moto E6, which is regularly featured at places like Best Buy and Amazon for $99 runs circles around this device. It’s 1GB of memory, and limited Android Go OS, is a terrible match for the US market.

Nokia has some great phones in the 6.2, 7.2 and the 9 Pureview. Even the low-end Nokia 2.3 is an OK entry-level phone with 2GB of RAM and a Media-Tek processor that’s significantly better than the Snapdragon 215 in the 1.3

TL;DR: Unless Republic is planning to expand in India, I don’t know why the Nokia 1.3 is on their roadmap. The phone is likely to deliver a terrible user experience and for the price is not competitive in the market. This does NOT mean Republic should remove Nokia from its roadmap, they have some great mid-tier and flagship-ish phones. The 1.3 just isn’t one of them.


If I’m not mistaken all of the other Nokia models you reference run Android One. I would love to see Android One phones (Nokia or otherwise) added to the list of compatible phones. My hope is that Android One being more or less a standard is if one Android One phone is able to be certified as compatible with Republic, most if not all Android One phones would be.


Republic has already had an Android one phone. The Android one version of the Moto X4 was supported. I made the argument several times at that point, that that should have opened to the door to all Android one phones. Unfortunately, it appears that Republic doesn’t share that sentiment.

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I would be willing to beta any of the Android one phones as I love the Moto X4. The Zoom or Action looked nice but they are dated now so it would have to be something newer coming out.

As one who has been hoping for the Nokia 7.2 to be approved, I am a bit deflated with this announcement. Hey, maybe there’s a market for the 1.3 among republic users… Have we ever seen the rolling results from the phone survey?

Hi @tamu_bu,

No, we do not publish the results of the survey, but I’d encourage anyone interested in a specific phone to submit the survey.

What is it about the Nokia 7.2 you find particularly appealing, more so than another brand phone in the same class?

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@johnny5 and @travisr.ohxyz9,

We have determined this phone is not a good fit for our portfolio, and we are canceling this Early Adopter BETA test. Thank you for your interest in participating.

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