Canceled service, now I have verizon


I just cancelled my service and I now have service from Verizon. However, even though I have service from Verizon, I keep getting notified that I need Republic Anywhere. I have a new SIM card from verizon not republic. Also, please do not close my question until I tell someone that it has fully been answered! People keep closing my questions when I’m in classes or at work and they have not thouroughly been answered!!!


Where are you setting this? Email or a notification?

If email, have you Unsubscribed from RW emails?

If a notification, have you uninstalled the RW app?


Hi @hollyk.dumri2,

Unless you have another username here in Community, this is your first post, so no one here has been closing your questions. Questions in Community are currently set to auto-close two months after their last reply. We don’t manually close questions unless you open another one asking the same question, then we’ll merge them and close one, or unless a lot of people are replying with their own unrelated questions when they should be opening their own separate conversations.

Since I’m certain you’re not imagining questions being closed, I took a look at your ticket history. I see one ticket in February and three conversations with our Experts through our “Ask a member” feature. Those were all auto-closed, after warning E-mails were sent, after 48 hours with no response. Our ticketing system cannot allow questions to stay open indefinitely.

So no people have been closing your questions.

When you switched from the Republic SIM card to the Verizon SIM card did you uninstall or factory reset the phone to remove the Republic app?


Okay, I did not factory reset my phone so maybe that’s the answer. I did not make this account, but your website it quite confusing and you have no phone number to call. And it should stay open until I seem satisfied with my service. Which I have not been, by the way, for awhile. Your service would not let me place calls and would randomly select to not send text messages, which is why I have switched my phone provider. I don’t know that my other account is active anymore because I cancelled my service. I don’t know where this one came from.

Also, I will not be paid extra right? Because I need to use my phone throughout the day, and my phone keeps telling me I need Republic Anywhere.


Hi @hollyk.dumri2,

I’m sorry you were having issues with calling and texting. We would have been glad to help with that, and I’m sorry that our online support method didn’t work out for you.

Since this is a public forum, I can’t comment on your account status. I can convert this conversation to a DM (a private conversation between you and me) if you’d prefer.

If you cancelled your service we would not charge you, and there is no fee associated with Republic Anywhere.


It’s not your fault, I’m sorry I am just frustrated. So, if I download republic anywhere, can my issues go away?


Republic Anywhere is designed to work with Republic’s service. I don’t believe it would work for texting on Verizon’s service. I’d try uninstalling the RW app, instead.


As @southpaw said concerning the RW app. There should be no need to do a factory rest.

You can either uninstall or disable the RW app in your phone Setting - Apps. Disabling the app should prevent the notifications.

The Anywhere app would only be useful on your Verizon activated phone for accessing another RW phone’s texts. Good luck with Verizon.



You should uninstall the Republic Wireless app or disable it depending on what phone you have. If you haven’t already uninstalled Anywhere please do that too.

With Verizon you can use any texting app, so don’t forget to set it to default.

As mentioned there is no need to factory reset your phone. Once the apps are uninstalled restart the phone, that’s all you need to do.

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I need a little understanding here .Reading all the comments,RW
anywhere Say Like FI does not work on other services?


Republic Anywhere will not work as the native message on other carriers as it syncs up to Republic servers and not to the servers of other carriers
it will allow someone on a different carrier to send and receive message from an Active Republic number


As mentioned, no it does not work on other providers. You need a Republic Wireless number to send and receive texts with Anywhere.

Now if you have a Republic Wireless account and number, then you can put the app on any device that it currently works with, (Windows, other Android devices, Mac some Linux builds and I believe you can put it on iPhones too). Login using your Republic Wireless login and then you can use the app on a NON-Republic Wireless device.


Well I have it on my nexus 5x which is on FI an use as main message app. an it works real well for texting etc. Have had no tbl texting my son in Washington who is on VZ. BUT have to phones on RW


OK so i have 2 phones on RW moto g5+ both have anywhere on them an my other lap top which is on windows 10. has ir to.
I dont remember having to sign to my FI account to use anywhere.


It won’t work unless you login to your RW account. Just tired it on another phone and I have to sign in.


Ok must have signed in . Getting old lol Thank for the info. Every thing works great .


Welcome to the club! You’re very welcome!

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