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I recently ordered a new phone from Republic thinking my current phone was no longer operable. I subsequently was able to repair my current phone and wanted to cancel the order of the new phone I had just ordered. The phone had not shipped yet, and I tried to have the order cancelled prior to shipping. I did this thru help, exchanging several communications explaining what had happened. I was told I would have to wait until my new phone was delivered to me and then request a return for refund. This would require me to pay shipping for a phone that had not even shipped yet. There needs to be a way to cancel an order prior to it being shipped. Just makes sense.



sorry to say once order is place there is no process to cancel it (unless it’s on back order)
the only option is to return it via the Money Back Guarantee



This is indeed the standard practice. Under the circumstances, have you asked about the shipping issue via your help ticket?

I think Republic agrees the current process isn’t always the ideal customer experience. A window for canceling an order prior to shipment is reasonable, however, some time needs to be allowed for fulfillment. There are costs to preparing an item for shipment beyond the shipping charges.

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When I inquired about canceling a back-ordered phone due to upcoming travel, RW shipped me the phone which arrived the next morning in CA from KY. There are no costs to prepping a new Moto G6 for shipment – all they do is slap a label on the box. There is no cancellation policy because RW’s investors live and die by the numbers. It worked out for me because I actually wanted the phone. I just didn’t want it delivered while I was out of town.



That’s just incorrect. Fulfillment is done by a logistics partner. The second you place the order it is in their system and it costs Republic money. Removing an order from the flow disrupts the process and costs further dollars.

This may be genuinely one of the funniest things I’ve seen on here. Republic is a private company without the pressures of investors, quarterly earnings calls, the market or anything like that. Companies like AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, etc that have to report subscriber numbers and earnings every quarter live and die by the numbers. Republic has, since its inception, been one of the only companies out there that lives and dies by its customers.


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