Canceling a port taking over a week!

What phone do you have?
Pixel 4
What plan are you on?
Good question 4.0 and 5.0

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Yes to all the above.

Issue Description

I tried to port my number from a 4.0 plan to a 5.0 plan and it resulted in unsolvable issues x 3 WEEKS.

Now I’ve given up and requested to cancel the port to the 5.0 plan so I can take my number elsewhere. Even THAT has taken over a week and still no response from engineers. Just daily emails telling me “we haven’t heard back from the portal engineers.”

Help! I just want to cancel a port and go elsewhere because I’ve been dealing nonstop with activation issues since 12/18 and I’m done.

Any suggestions?
I’ve been a RW customer for years but after 3 weeks of daily emails/tickets/phone calls and getting no where I just have to say enough is enough.

(Sorry for the frustration, I’m just done)

How much do you love your number? Could you just leave it behind? I mean, I have a land line with the phone number my parents had when I was born, but I’ve never been that attached to my mobile number.

Had that number since 1997.
Kinda partial to it.
But it may come to that if they keep ignoring me.

I don’t really have any suggestions. It always scares me when people try to intervene when a port is in process, but perhaps it’s easier to put a halt on one now than when I was filling out the porting paperwork.

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Same thing is happening to me. Im filing an FCC complaint tomorrow if not released by then. Don’t know if it will get anything moving but not sure what else to do.

How long has your ordeal been going on?

Hi @lynne,

I’ve been watching your ticket and I’m sorry you haven’t been able to get good answers. I think there’s a lot of uncertainty about what to tell you because we don’t want to cause you to lose your number.

I’ll review your ticket and see if I can give you some details there to make things a little clearer.

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Like you, I also requested my ports to 5.0 be canceled , that was about 2 weeks ago. Shortly after, one of my lines was ported to 5.0 anyway. After many fruitless back and forths with support about the other line, I realized that I just wanted to extricate myself from this mess and signed up with another carrier. My one line that was never ported to 5.0 transferred immediately but the other one has been stuck on 5.0 for a week now. After 2 days RW support told me that I had to have the new carrier cancel and resubmit the port request so I did. A week later its still stuck on 5.0 and Im just getting the runaround from support.

Yup. Very similar. After 3 weeks of attempting to activate my new Pixel I’m in the same boat. Funny thing is NOW I have two phones that both have the same phone number. So apparently the activation was partially complete. Only one receives calls/texts. But the other can call out. I’m done with this mess. 3 weeks is long enough to get the run around. I don’t want to carry two phones with the same number. I don’t even have two lines! It’s just me on a single plan. It’s so frustrating.

Im sorry, my situation doesnt sound as bad as yours. We have 2 fully functioning phones - I just want the one line ported to the new carrier. I do NOT want another number. Good luck to you, hopefully Southpaw can help you, she seems to get things done. I havent asked her for help here because Im sure shes frazzled and I know there are many more in worse positions than me.


I appreciate your concern, but I’d rather help you than see you get so frustrated you file an FCC complaint. I’ll try to take a look at any tickets you may have, too.

Thank you but please help Lynne first. I wont file the complaint tomorrow, my anger got the best of me when I read her post. A big part of the frustration is it seems the support people dont really know whats going on and how to help. Thats my impression anyway.

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