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After several years at Republic with my first gen Moto G on the $10 talk/text/WiFi plan, I’m moving on to Mint Mobile. For the plan I was on, Republic was very reliable. I had no problems. My recent bill was paid on Feb 17. How late can I cancel in this next period so as not to be charged another month?

Hi @miqie,

We’re sorry to see you go. :disappointed:

If your most recent bill was paid on 2/17, then you would not be billed again until 3/17. You can cancel any time until 3/16 to avoid another payment.

Will you be moving your number? If so, you’ll want to allow some time for the number transfer to complete.

Thanks for the reply. No, I will not move the number. I have a Google Voice number that I assign to whatever phone I want. As I stated above, I was very happy with Republic for the plan I had, but now that I want some data, you are more expensive. Mint Mobile gives me 4GB a month for $15. Hard to beat that.

It is quite a competitive price. Please make sure their coverage works for you (it’ll be different from what you experienced on your older phone) before you commit to 12 months to get that pricing.

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I advise reading the 1-star reviews on Amazon before going that route.

Correction, 90 days for the $15 a month plan with 4 GB.
If you use Wi-Fi calling and texting, you’ll find it mint also does it well.

That’s an introductory price. After the initial 90 days to keep that price one must renew and pay up front for one year.

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How well does WiFi calling work on Mint? I’ve heard mixed things about it.

I have MotoG7 Plus and the WiFi calling works fine. I’m on the $15/month for 3 month 4 GB plan. Then will get the 12 month plan for $15 per. RW was the cheapest plan for me when I signed up about 6 years ago. They are no longer the cheapest, not even close.

we have perfect luck with google router. other routers may work differently.i believe that every service provider offers wifi calling now…except possibly verizon

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Roland, thank you so much for your correction your comment is absolutely correct but my comment was absolutely incomplete. You are saying for about $180 a year I can get 4 gig of data on a comparable plan to Republic wireless. No data but otherwise similar calling. I agree with you if you take out the data from Republic is competitive on the calling and the texting. However if you will read up on current services, you will find that much more is offered for the 15 less dollars per year… for example 5G, any phone. No exceptions including iPhones etc. Wi-Fi calling is included and stated so. Please feel free to continue your update of my information.
no ads here… just requesting an honest comparison. thank you. BTW, I thought that this was a private response to your remarks…

I’m not here to bash RW. They treated me very well for 6 years and had no complaints on my $10 ($13 w/taxes) unlimited talk/text/WiFi. But now that I want some data, I again looked for the best price and found it. Mint has been around for 6 years. RW was around for 5 years when I started with them. I don’t think I’m taking a huge risk by going with this company. RW was one of the pioneers in WiFi calling. Now everyone has it. I wish RW was more competitive with their data plans.

No, all I was trying to convey is that after the initial three-months, Mint requires non-refundable payment for a year up front to get its best pricing. My reality is I’m not interested in paying anyone (Republic included) for a year in advance. Many things can change in a year and I’m willing to pay more for the flexibility of month-to month service. Mint does not offer that, so, for me, Mint is a non-starter.

I pay attention to the market. In the event I were to become dissatisfied with the value proposition Republic service provides me, I have a short list of alternatives I would consider.

No one, Mint included, offers 5G service on any phone. The phone must be 5G capable, which is a minority of currently available phones in the market. I currently use Samsung’s Galaxy Note20 (a 5G capable phone) with Republic. Official support or not, I get 5G signal. For more on that, please see here.

Yes and no. When I bought my Pixel 4 XL at B&H Photo in 2019, a free three-month trial at Mint was bundled. I bought the Pixel 4 XL for use with Republic and wasn’t interested in using it with Mint. That said, I offered the bundled Mint SIM to a family member using an iPhone (obviously not with Republic).

The experience was not good. The first hurdle was Mint’s inability to port said family member’s number. We were repeatedly told by Mint that the issue was with the carrier from whom the number was to be ported. For a variety of reasons, I know generally this is incorrect. If interested more on that is here. In any event, as the carrier gaining business it was Mint’s job to work with the carrier currently holding the number to get the port done not tell us to go back to that carrier. It took multiple conversations and escalations but Mint did finally get the message and ultimately did get the port done.

Next, my family member found that Mint’s WiFi calling worked sometimes. In fairness to Mint, this is more a quirk of the way WiFi calling works on T-Mobile’s network. My experience is that T-Mobile’s WiFi calling doesn’t always work in the absence of cell signal. Since absence of cell signal is when one would most want to be able to use WiFi calling, this was problematical. When I asked T-Mobile itself about the issue, I was advised that its WiFi calling required a phone to “ping” the cellular network from time-to-time for its WiFi calling to work. Absent (at least) minimal cell signal, there is no ability to ping the cellular network. I and other family members have had this experience on multiple phones (both Androids and iPhones) on multiple providers using T-Mobile’s network. For what it’s worth, Republic’s proprietary and patented method of WiFi calling bypasses the cellular network, so, for me, just works even in the absence of any useable cellular signal. I fully appreciate not everyone shares the same experience but that’s been my experience.

Beyond that, there are things Republic offers that traditional service providers like Mint do not. When I’m working at my computer, I like being able to take calls on handsets connected to an Extend Home adapter. Even in its current as is state I still use Republic Anywhere on my computer. I understand, it’s possible to use Google’s Messages for Web as an alternative but doing so requires my cell phone to be powered on and connected to the Internet, which Anywhere does not.

Candidly, I don’t consider Republic’s Community forums to be the appropriate place for detailed comparisons of Republic with its competitors. There are other Internet venues for that (for example Howard Forums).

Finally, I’ll mention Republic from time-to-time randomly surveys its members (Republic likes to call customers members). I received such a survey within the last month. From the questions on that survey, to me, it’s clear Republic is well aware of the various pricing models and other attributes offered by its competition. I was asked and honestly answered what I valued about Republic’s service as is and what I thought (including certain things offered by the competition) would offer additional value. I’m confident Republic will consider my answers along with those of others answering its surveys (as well as opinions offered in Community). How and when Republic might find ways to add value to its current offerings is for time to tell.

I’ve used various service providers over the years. I’ve yet to find one that didn’t come with one caveat or another. My bottom line is simple. So long as I’m satisfied with the overall value Republic offers me, I’m not going anywhere. Should the day come I’m no longer satisfied, then I would consider alternatives. I respect someone else may find more value elsewhere and, therefore, make a different choice.

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