Cancelled My Service Before Porting Out Finished


I recently decided to move to Verizon from Republic and I’m still waiting on my number to be ported out. After reading the different help sections here, it seems like I shouldn’t have cancelled my Republic service before my port request was completed.

Is it ok that I cancelled my Republic service before I ported out? Or should I reactivate it? Please help.


Hi @joshuae.r1qa9x,

Please do reactivate the phone and open a ticket so we can get the number back on that service line. The number cannot transfer if it’s not associated with an active service line.

If you’ll let me know when you’ve opened the ticket, I’ll make sure we get that taken care of quickly.


Hi Southpaw,

I just opened ticket #1381763. However, when I reactivated my phone, it gave me a new number. Is that ok? Or do I need to go in and change it?


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We’ll have to put the former number back on the phone. That’s why I needed you to open at ticket. I’ll take a look at it now.

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Hi southpaw,

Thank you for your help in putting my old number back on my phone. Since I have you, is there a possibility to speed up the porting out process? I know it says to expect 72 hours, but I’ve already been without a reachable phone since Monday.


Hi @joshuae.r1qa9x,

I’ve replied to your questions in the ticket.

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Hi @joshuae.r1qa9x

Just responding to the question, in-case anyone reading this is curious.

The answer would be no. Porting is highly automated and it takes human intervention to modify/correct errors and mistakes.

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