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I am thinking about trying out another cell phone provider, but want to figure out my options for coming back should I need to. If I were to cancel my service and port my number out, would I still have my account on Republic wireless (like be able to log in to the site still) and then just be able to reactivate my phone if I chose to come back. Would reactivating my account be considered a bring your own phone plan as I thought that when you bring your own phone it always uses the GSM network and GSM doesn’t work well in my area. I actually just tried the bring your own phone tool (Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless) to check for coverage and it says it is not possible in my area.

Your community account would remain intact, so you can still nose around here without issue.

Yes, you would need a new SIM after 20 days and to start, that SIM would have to be a GSM SIM. You can still order one despite the warning. Once activated, you could then request a CDMA SIM from support who would be able to move you back to Sprint.


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