Cannot access google home, or sling box from my phone

I am on the 7 day trial period for Sling. My wife has a Samsung Galaxy edge, and no problem setting up the sling TV application. My Moto X is fairly old, and twice today, while trying to get it working, my phone says I have a problem with my sim card, and that it is not installed. That has only happened since I installed google Home on it. The sim card works fine, as the phone works fine for all the other apps, calls, internet etc. Do I need a new phone, or new sim card? By the way, sling works on my cell phone via me account. Also, I have chrome cast tethered to my TV, and the phone sees it plus mu correct sling application, but it cannot connect to home, or the TV through casting.

Thanks for any help here.

I probably need to explain more here. I am tryig to control Sling on my TV through my phone. I have the Sling application on it, and it sees my chromecast account for the TV, but my phone cannot access it through the Home app, as the home app on my phone says I have no internet access, but of course this is not true. The phone sees my wifi just fine. 60 MBS.

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Hi @rlaakso

The quickest thing to do would be uninstall Google Home, see if Sling works. Not suggesting this is a solution, rather a troubleshooting option… (uninstall Sling and see if GH works).

If you are trying to control the Slingbox from your phone and cast it to your Chromecast on the TV, you may run into some problems. I have the same set-up and can watch the Slingbox on my phone but do not see the Chromecast cast option. (I can cast it to one of my Roku boxes, but not the Chromecast.) I have no problem watching the Slingbox video on my RW Android phone (Moto G1). The iPad works better with the Sling app.

There is a workaround that did work for me. I don’t remember the specific steps, but seemed to be a hassle. This link may help:

Thank you, I removed home and reinstalled it, but the same issue exists.

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