Cannot activate Moto E 1st Gen

Okay. My previous model expired (see: Moto E (2nd Gen) stuck at boot activation phase ). Fair enough. I took the advice and got another model that was in mint condition off of Swappa. Well, it is struggling to activate. I’m guessing support for this older model is not very robust these days but I’m locked out of all my work systems due to 2-factor authentication and using an older model is the only way you guys are allowing me to keep the original payment plan. So, I’m really hopeful you guys can get this sorted out for me.

So, new phone. I turn it on and begin activation; yes it is connected to wifi - i can surf the web. I search your forums for the fix and am led to (activation pending ). I follow those steps, it doesn’t help. In fact, the PRL update fails. At this point I’m realizing that this isn’t going to work without some intervention from some actual Republic wireless support staff.

I like the style of support that R.W. offers. I like finding solutions on the forums and communicating online. But, I followed your recommendation with my last issue and here we are nearly 2 weeks later and I need this to work. So, let’s go.

Here are a couple of suggestions:

  1. Go to Settings and see if there are any operating system upgrades to be installed.

  2. Go the the Play store to see if there are updates there, most notably to the Republic Wireless apps.

After installing any available updates restart the phone and try again. If this doesn’t work click on Help and open a service ticket.

Hi @bradleyt.bkozna,

I follow those steps, it doesn’t help. In fact, the PRL update fails.

Does it give any sort of error? If you’re on a commercial Wi-Fi network with firewalls, that may be a factor in the failure.

At this point I’m realizing that this isn’t going to work without some intervention from some actual Republic wireless support staff.

To contact our support staff, please open a ticket from the link at the very bottom of our Help page: Republic Help

Hi @bradleyt.bkozna,

It would also be helpful to know if you receive an error message when the PRL update fails. If so, what is that error message? If you skip past the PRL update, are you able to complete the remaining steps in the post your reference? Have you tried the Profile update? If so, does it fail? If the Profile update fails, do you see an error message when it does so?

Error code is “AUTHENTICATION” for PRL update. Non-commercial network.

Error code is “AUTHENTICATION” for PRL update. Profile update fails and says to try again later or contact support. No option to continue or skip regarding the PRL update, just fails and stonewalls me.

  1. Are you referring to software update? If so, it doesn’t find any updates. It is currently running 4.4.4 according to “about this phone”.

  2. Barred from play store due to 2-factor authentication. I can try to use a friend’s device to bypass if there is remote confidence in a fix this way.

Other than ‘software update’ under settings I don’t see a method of updating anything.

I think you can go to your on-line account from your PC and turn off 2-factor authentication. That should get you into the Play Store. Yes, getting the updates can make a big difference.

My job forces me to have it on, I’ll see if I can get around it.

Set up a back-up device and got passed 2FA, yet when I attempt to pull up the play store it just pinwheels indefinitely.

EDIT: after a restart I got in, attempting to update RW app.

As a general update I have managed to sync my google account onto the phone but it still has not activated. I found an operating system update that was not previously available and am attempting to install it now, it was Lollipop or some such.

Any thoughts on whether or not this update is known to fix this authentication error/activation issue?

There have been some issues lately relating to account access and KitKat so yes you definitely want to upgrade the OS to Lollipop. After the update you will need to go to the Play store and update all of the phone’s apps, not just the Republic Wireless ones.

This update to the OS and the subsequent updates to all of your apps will take at least an hour so make sure your phone has a good charge. It will be very, very busy and consuming battery at an abnormally high rate.

If you choose to do the lollipop update…please review this document and make sure you carefully follow

all steps before and after the update

Moto E (1st Gen.) Lollipop 5.1 System Update

Otherwise, I would recommend opening a help ticket to resolve the activation issue

The account access issues that @billg referenced have been related to changing the plan through RW app.

I am not aware of any other Moto E activation issues.

How do I change my plan when the RW app thinks I don’t have data?

I mentioned the other issue because account access is a necessary part of both activation and plan changes. I doubt many (if any) others have attempted to activate a Moto E (1st Gen) under KitKat since this issue arose. Then there is the dialer issue with the Moto E (1st Gen) that is also fixed by the Lollipop upgrade as well as the optimization issue that is introduced by it.

@bradleyt.bkozna after the upgrade to Lollipop all of the phone’s apps will be “optimized.” The first optimization is necessary but after that this time consuming process is repeated if the phone is started while it is plugged into the charger. To work around that problem there are two solutions:

  1. Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds and then release it. Stare at the phone for 20 seconds and it will then boot without optimizing the apps again.

  2. Unplug the phone from the charger before booting it.

First attempt to update to Lollipop failed, no error code just “was unsuccessful”. I’m worried that this update is going to max out my memory since it only has 2gb. The Republic wireless app now claims I don’t have data service when I try to activate and recommends opening a help ticket (which I did). Honestly it is beginning to look like this issue (can’t login to account from phone) with the exception being that I am not trying to switch plans, I am trying to activate.

The upgrade to Lollipop was successfully installed on many Moto X (1st Gen) phones and 2 Gb of free space is adequate. The upgrade comes in 2 parts, the download and then the install. Did the error occur during the download or during the install?

During the install, it rebooted and then said that it did not succeed, no changes were made.

Hi @bradleyt.bkozna,

I checked in on this for you and it looks like you will need to update the phone to Lollipop in order for activation to succeed. The update will impact your available memory as the E1 is rather sparse on user-available memory in the first place, and Lollipop removes some of the memory-management functions.

Edited to add: Once updated to Lollipop it is not possible to go back to KitKat.

This might be why the phone was being sold. There might be an internal problem keeping the phone from upgrading. At this point I’d make one last attempt as follow:

Factory reset the phone. Go ahead and sign into Gmail but don’t take the option to restore what was backed up from your previous phone. Then attempt the upgrade to Lollipop again. If that doesn’t fix it send it back to the seller.

New update: As the 5.1 update was failing I followed the advice from multiple support agents to factory reset and then try again. Should have seen this coming but now it hangs on activation during the initial set-up. Can’t get much of anywhere now.

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