Cannot Activate Viber with a Republic Wireless Phone Number


Phone Brand: Motorola
Phone Model: G
Phone Generation: 3rd
Plan: Refund
Plan Option: Talk & Text without Cell Data

##Issue Description

When trying to activate Viber I get the following error message:

Sorry, you cannot activate Viber using a VoIP number. Please try to activate Viber using a regular GSM number

Is Republic Wireless a VoIP number?

Seems like this issue has started recently. Here is a similar thread with Google Voice numbers:!msg/voice/cC0P9WW5mNs/iFK3dl0lBQAJ

Please help.

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Hi @wimpog!

Yes, Republics numbers are considered landline numbers (all VOIP numbers are). I am not sure if there is a workaround. You could try giving them your underlying number, but I am not sure exactly if that will work or not. To find your underlying number, dial *#*#786#*#* . I hope that helps!


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Hi, @mb2x!
Thanks for the hint.
Does the underlying number ever change?

Yes, if you ask Republic to change it they will. If you upgrade to 3.0 and get a GSM device it would change as well. Not quite sure what happens with a phone upgrade though. I am sure @southpaw knows the answer ;).

Your assigned Republic Wireless number is the only number we can support.

Viber has told us they are working to make it possible for Republic Wireless members to use their app, possibly by implementing whitelisting of our numbers. We would greatly appreciate it if anyone trying to use Viber would open a support ticket with Viber to ask that their RW number be allowed. If they see a large number of such requests, perhaps they will prioritize the work.

Edited to add: Please see @rolandh’s workaround at: Getting Viber to Register a Republic Number


Just opened a ticket with Viber to ask my phone number to be allowed.
Let’s see what happens.


I’m certain they will tell you that they do not support VoIP numbers, but please let them know you are a Republic Wireless member who would like to use their app.

Thank you for opening a ticket with them.


Will they whitelist one-off numbers if RW users ask them?

So far, I have not seen any RW members have success with that request, and this issue is one I’ve been monitoring across our support tickets, Expert interactions, and Community threads in order to help gauge the impact as we continue to encourage Viber to implement some sort of resolution for our members.

How many people have had this issue so far?
This is something Viber has introduced recently. I remember being able to do that before.

It is recent. It began about eight weeks ago.

I see about 8-10 questions about it per week, across all our support channels. That doesn’t tell me how many people have experienced the issue, although there is a theory in the Support Ticket universe that only 1 out of every 10 people who experience an issue will open a ticket about it.

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Could the CEO of RW reach out to Viber and strike a deal with them?

I’m shutting down for the night, so please don’t think I’ve abandoned you as I fall silent.

Your suggestion is not outside the realm of possible, though we do already have someone engaged in that process who isn’t far down the org chart from the CEO. I will explore that further.

Please tell us why Viber is so important to you. Understanding the personal impact can be as important as measuring impact in terms of ticket volume.


I use Viber on a daily basis, more than email and other means of communications. It is quite important for me, especially when it comes to talking to people abroad. I suspect this could be a big deal for Republic Wireless users, as it is for me at the moment if this issue does not get resolved.

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Hi @wimpog,

Would you mind answering a question for me. When talking to folks abroad; are they also using Viber or are you using Viber Out? Also, if I may trouble you further, is your communication with Viber primarily voice or text messaging?

Apologies for all the questions. I’m trying to determine if suggesting alternatives to Viber would be worth your while.

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I use regular Viber when talking to friends overseas.
My Viber communication is primarily text. I also often use it to share pictures and videos.
Please ask any questions you want. :slight_smile:

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I’ll admit to not being expert on all things Viber, so please correct any mistakes. Viber is only free for calls if both sides of the conversation are using Viber, correct? Otherwise, there’s a fee from Viber for doing so, yes? In other words, Viber operates similarly to Skype, I think? Skype is one potential alternative. WhatsApp is another.

I also know of and use more esoteric solutions. A few are outlined here: Adding International Calling to a Republic Phone.

Yes, Viber-to-Viber calls are free.

Thanks for the confirmation, that’s what I thought. Skype to Skype and WhatsApp to WhatsApp calls are also free and either don’t require registration of one’s mobile number (Skype) or seem willing to whitelist Republic numbers (WhatsApp). I realize it means changing apps but it’s an option while we wait for Viber to possibly allow Republic and other VoIP numbers.

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Thank you @rolandh. Yes, these are the workarounds, but I still hope Viber does something about it and allows RW numbers to use it. Please reach out to Viber as well. The more people complain the faster they start doing something about it.

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