Cannot activate

I am a RW 4.0 user with two phone lines. I have created a new 2 line account. I’ve received new SIMs and inserted the first. When I try and “activate” online, I sign in with my email and password and go to the online "activation portal’. I don’t seem able to proceed, and across the bottom of the page I get “Activation is Currently Unavailable for Legacy Customers. Please Contact Care for More Information?” What am I doing wrong?

There’s a whole other process for (y)our situation; you need to create a new account. Here’s the article:

Tip: if you use GMail, insert a random period (.) or plus (+) when you enter your email; RW will think it’s a new address, but Google ignores those symbols. Worked for me.

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Note that a . can be placed anywhere in a gmail address but a + has to be added at the end with anything after it. so if your email is email@gmail then you can use e.mail@gmail or but to use a plus it would have to be email+something@gmail Gmail reads the part before the + as your email so it has to be “complete” as your actual address.

It’s also important to precisely remember this “random” insertion…as you will need to use it each time you login into your new RW account.

Also, one caveat of this method is that you will likely not be able to interact with RW support via email…you will only be able to do so by logging in to your account portal.

If I am understanding this workaround correctly…gmail treats all variants as the same email address…but as far as RW is concerned…the modified (with dots and plus) email address uniquely identifies your new account…so any outbound email interaction from your regular gmail address to RW will still get tied to your old RW account.

Not correct. You can set-up gmail to send from that address as well: Send/Reply Email from a Gmail Alias