Cannot Always Connect to the Internet When on Wireless or Cell

I am going to be traveling in 2 days to an assisted living facility that has wireless, which in the past I have had problems with. I cannot connect to it, or if I do, I get a message saying I am not connected to the internet. I have checked their wireless password to make sure I have the correct one. Why cannot I not get access to the internet? I need to be able to. The last time I was there I used up all of my cell data and could not use my phone. Please help me!

You will need to speak to the person at that faculty that manages their Guest wifi, if they have one. Most likely, they do not allow visitors on to their secure, password protected wifi, for obvious security reasons.

Most places that have a guest wifi, you connect, then you have to open a web browser and accept the Terms or sometimes input your info or something, before it will allows you on the Internet This is called a captive portal. Again, you will need to speak to the places that manages the wifi network your trying to connect to. There is nothing RW or the community can really do to help you with that.

Hi @kareng.xzj24e

Another thing to try is going to the saved wifi connection for the facility on your phone and forgetting it. Then try joining it again with the password you say you have.

Thank you for that suggestion, Super T! I just went into my saved passwords and clicked “forget” next to the one that I believe is the one for the assisted living facility.


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Thanks, Speeding Cheetah! The facility does have a guest wifi. I don’t remember what the password is but when I get there on Wednesday evening I will ask them. And I will open a browser and accept the terms, etc. I really appreciate your help.

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