Cannot answer calls

What phone do you have? Samsung S-10+

What plan are you on? Choice plan + 1 GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Talk and text

Issue Description

I feel really stupid that I cannot figure this out. I have evidently changed some setting in my phone so now I do not receive notification of a phone call nor can I answer a phone call. My ring settings are initialized so guessing I have another program that is preventing this. When it was working I would press the Volume Up button to answer but that does not work. I purchased the phone adapter so I can hear the phone ring if I am home. Bought the phone adapter due to the fact that I have not been able to get any Republic Wireless phone to notify me of a phone message. Since the up or down volume does not work to answer the phone, there are no options on the screen such as a green icon to slide, There is only the red con to hang up call. That works. I am wondering if this additional button for “BIXBY” has a setting that is causing my not being able to answer or maybe an update. I can make calls so that s not an issue. Just cannot get phone to ring nor can I answer it using previous answering methods. As a side question, is there any way to get notification that I have a phone message? I remember at one time I used Google Voice to get it.

Hi @jimmychurch, I suggest booting into safe mode and seeing if the phone rings then. If that’s the case, then it’s an app. Please let us know if safe mode works and we can help troubleshoot further.

I tried Safe Mode and I still cannot press the volume-up button to answer a call. The option to swipe the green call icon was removed with Update 10. My Home Phone Adapter rings so I know I have an incoming call but still cannot get Samsung S10+ phone to answer the call.


Hi @jimmychurch,

Which functionality do you most want restored? The ability to answer a call by interacting with the screen, or the volume button?

I wanted to restore the ability for the phone to ring and for a method to answer, either by volume Up or screen swipe. Nothing was working. I have since completed a factory reset and have the capabilities restored.


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