Cannot change USB preferences G6 Play to transfer files from PC to phone

Hello all,

My Moto G6 Play was able to transfer files once but not any more. After doing some research I found that the USB preferences have been changed to “No dat transfer” and I cannot change it back, all of the buttons are grayed out. After doing a little bit of research, several sites say to bring down the top menu and there should be a system shortcut there, but I do not have that. Any ideas?

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Are you certain that the cable you’re using is a data cable? Some cables that are just for charging.


Hi @adriennea - Just following up on the problem. Have you tried a different cable? Did that correct the issues? If not, please verify that you get the following screens and exactly where you have the problem.

With phone unlocked and the screen on, insert USB data cable into PC and then into the phone. Swipe down on the notification bar. You should get the following screen -

Tap the notification - “Android System - Charging this device via USB”

You should get the next screen -

Tap the notification - “Charging this device via USB - Tap for more options”

You should get the following screen. Is this where all the options are greyed out?

Select File Transfer. These are the steps we use to connect and transfer items via USB cable between PC and our Moto G6 phones running PIE.

If we unplug the cable the USB preferences window on the phone goes to all greyed out selections like this -

Would suspect a bad cable or charging only cable if that’s what you get all the time. One more thought - you might also try a different USB port on your PC.

Hopefully between trying a different data cable and following these steps we can get the issue solved or get more information that might help!.


Sorry for the late update. It was the cord. I tried a different one and now the computer recognizes the phone and I’m able to transfer files.


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