Cannot connect to voicemail on WiFi

I’ve discovered a problem, but I also have a workaround. When accessing my Voicemail from my S21 on WiFi calling, the call will not complete and I can’t even get to the point of putting in my pin. The workaround is to turn off WiFi calling and use cell service. Then I have no issues at all.

However, I had a similar problem with my S8. The call would connect, but when putting in my pin, the call would drop. Again, if I switched to cell service on my S8 there were no issues. So I’m not sure if there is a bigger problem at hand.

Hi @blackhawk0042 ,

The issue as you describe it for your S8 is not uncommon - touchtones often do not transmit correctly over WiFi. One workaround, as you’ve noticed, is making the call on cell. Another is to mute the phone before entering the PIN.

The failed call to voicemail on WiFi is a different matter. Do other outbound calls complete on WiFi? When you long press the “1” on WiFi, what does happen? Do you even see it attempt to dial the voicemail number?

I can’t replicate the issue - the S21 I’m testing dials into voicemail. Would love to hear if others have the same issue, though.

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I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. It’s been a busy week.

So now I’m sitting down and trying to replicate the issue and I’m having zero problems now with voicemail. On WiFi I’m able to call and type my pin without having to do the mute workaround you mentioned.

I even tried calling another number on WiFi just to double-check, and again, everything is fine.

Maybe it was just a one-time problem… If it comes up again I’ll let you know in this thread.

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