Cannot create IRS account?

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It seems that not only can I not create a Venmo account; I cannot create an IRS account either.

I wanted to pay the IRS electronically, because their mail is so backlogged that they may not open a payment for months, leading to lots of confusion about interest and penalties. I found that they could not verify my Republic number, and thus, I cannot create an account except by snailmail.

I had this same trouble awhile back when I was unable to create a Venmo account. Not being able to create accounts with important services is becoming a major downside of having Republic Wireless service. Can you please do something to fix this problem?!

Hi @gehringer,

While the outcome is the same, I believe the cause of each of these two failures is different. Venmo refuses to verify VoIP numbers. That’s their policy, and we cannot do anything about it.

The IRS refuses to verify numbers that are prepaid. They will verify only numbers that are post-paid, as those numbers require credit checks and are more likely to be owned by the person claiming to own the number. We are not able to do anything about this policy, either.


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