Cannot get past Unsupported Phone screen during activation of Moto X Pure XT1575

The RW support team seems to have no answers on how to get their app to recognize my new unlocked Moto X Pure XT1575. Everything I try gives me the Unsupported Phone screen.

Android 6.0, ran WhatsInSIM and the card is showing attached to T-Mobile and network operator is Republic. See attached. I cannot get a useful solution out of RW support people.

Anyone else seen this problem?

Hi @johnw.rkoz4t,

I’m going to ask for some clarification. You say that Republic’s support team has no answers and that you can’t get an answer out of them. To be certain, I’m understanding correctly, has Republic support provided no answers or have the suggestions made so far been ineffective?

If it were me (and, perhaps, you’ve already tried these), I’d try:

  1. VoIP Reset. Video demonstration here: How to VOIP Your Phone.
  2. Uninstalling Republic’s 3.0 app, restarting the phone then reinstalling the app.

Please leave the SIM in place when trying the above.

The RW support team has collected many screenshots of my HW and SIM settings and has provided all the suggestions you provided with no change to the “Unsupported Phone” screen. I have tried everything short of a factory reset.

@johnw.rkoz4t ,

No idea of what steps you have tried since encountering your issue and I’d recommend beginning as if it’s a new phone out of the box.

To do this first power off the phone and remove your RW SIM card, power on and delete the RW app. May want to do a factory reset at this time.

Once phone has restarted and prior to reinstalling the SIM install the RW app and check phone for compatibility. If it still shows **Unsupported phone **I would return your new phone for an exchange if Support can offer no other help.

Hi @johnw.rkoz4t,

My experience when working with Republic support is when initial troubleshooting fails, they’ll continue researching the specific issue through resolution. May I ask how long it’s been since your last communication with support after advising that initial suggested troubleshooting was unsuccessful?

Generally, when the Republic app indicates a specific phone is incompatible, it’s because the app believes something about the phone’s operating system configuration is incompatible. Since the phone is presumably new, there’s little to lose in attempting a factory reset but it might be best to wait for further instruction from Republic support. If the phone was purchased from Republic and support is unable to get that phone to work, I’m confident Republic will work with you to replace it if need be.

Just did a factory reset, then after the reset completed (did not restore any apps) reinstalled the RW app with no SIM installed and ran the RW app again. “Unsupported Phone” message again. I suspect the software update for the XT1575 HW from early Feb. 2017 from Lenovo/Motorola has not been added to the version checker that RW uses.

@johnw.rkoz4t ,

Have you had a chance to bring the MR update suspicion to Support’s attention?

I received notification of that update a couple of weeks ago but have yet to install it. RW has no mention of it in the Help Updates/Release Notes. Please let us know what they say about the update. Thanks.

Yes, they have all the information contained in our chats with many more screenshots of my phone settings. I was a technical support technician for a couple years so I know the steps.

Out of curiosity, what is the System version on your X Pure. I ask because I believe I’ve already installed that update on my X Pure with no ill effects. One difference between my X Pure and yours is mine in on CDMA (Sprint):


Build MPHS24.49-18-16

@johnw.rkoz4t ,

Did Support test your update theory with one of their phones? My X Pure is currently deactivated sans update and shows as a supported phone. It would be easy enough to remove app, install update and then check.

It has been escalated to the Engineering team, no ETA, I will update this post when I hear back

That’s precisely what I have installed on my MXP, so it would seem something more than the update alone is the root cause.

it would seem something more than the update alone is the root cause.

The suspicion/theory would be it doesn’t not affect phones already activated. Not saying the case but all’s possible in the RW world.

williamo.vkbg0s wrote:

it would seem something more than the update alone is the root cause.

The suspicion/theory would be it doesn’t not affect phones already activated. Not saying the case but all’s possible in the RW world.

Entirely possible, which is why I said it was something more than the MR alone.

It’s possible that once you are activated you are all set…going in and out of Safe Mode might possibly break it…as it goes through an activation loop… obviously not recommending doing this to a working phone.

But there is at least one another person…affected by this issue…hopefully the can get to bottom of it soon.

When will this Moto X “build” be supported?

Yes, this happened to me as well.

Repub support had me download an app that gave them remote control, and then they found that the problem was w/ the “build”, which not supported.

My build is MPHS24.49-18.16

The supported build for this phone is MPHS24.49-18.8

I’m hoping they support it soon or I’ll hafta find another carrier.


The supported build for this phone is MPHS24.49-18.8

FYI, mine is currently .4 build and app says Supported.

Do MRs alter build #s?

I am having this very same issue with a Moto X Pure I purchased on Amazon and tried to bring to RW network through their BYOP program. They ultimately told me that my build was incompatible and that there was no ETA on support for my current build.

Here is a list of supported builds they gave me:
MPHS24.49-18-8 (Android version 6.0)
MPHS24.49-18-4 (Android version 6.0)
MPHS24.49-18-3 (Android version 6.0)
MPHS24.49-18 (Android version 6.0)

I have:
MPHS24.49-18-16 (Android Version 6.0)

I am currently in limbo with this $300 phone that I believed would be compatible based on all of the information available to me on the site before purchasing the phone. They only list the compatible model number and didn’t stipulate anything about compatible builds at all…

My screen looks just like yours, but they have me on GSM and the app says my phone is unsupported…
RW Support says my phone has an incompatible build, but I have the same build as yours, so maybe mine is incompatible due to the type of network RW is making me use? I am using BYOP for the Moto X Pure, so they force me to use GSM…
They also didn’t give an ETA on when my build will be supported.

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