Cannot load maps or text without wifi

What phone do you have? moto X4

What plan are you on? My Choice + 1GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? includes data

Issue Description

I’ve had my Moto X4 a little over 2 wks.
While on a trip to visit my daughter (different state), I could not access maps or send text unless I was on wifi. I could make phone calls.

That sounds like a coverage issue.
Open the RW App and look under
Settings -> About -> SIM Type
If it says GSM over there

You may want to submit a help ticket and see if switching to a CDMA SIM card could improve your coverage

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Before we assume a coverage issue, can you please share the results of looking up the SIM type and the ZIP code where you had the issue?


Very sorry, but I must ask: SIM type?

Also, my son-in-law uses RW there in Cedar Rapids, IA 52405

Sorry, the steps were in the previous step:

Open the Repulic App and look under Settings then About and then SIM Type

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The SIM type is: GSM

I’m sorry that I never responded here, I somehow missed your response. If you haven’t already, I would open a ticket and request a CDMA SIM following the directions here: How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help I think that will improve your experience.

Louisdi,. I figured something like that happened. No worries. I did get a help ticket as a new sim card will not help. My son-in-law lives there, has no problems, and had the same type SIM card as I do. I guess there is the possibility my SIM card damaged in some way. We will see. Thanks so much for your time and your help! Libby

Josephkarl, I’m not sure what you are trying to tell me. But I did not get that message when I downloaded with the libraries WiFi. But, I need to be able to download maps when not on wifi. I have always been directionally challenged. :roll_eyes:

Hi @elizabethb.4y227j,

The message from Josephkarl was a spam post in our Community and it has been removed. He was taking advantage of the searchability of your question - needing help downloading Google Maps without Wi-Fi to post a techno-babble reply and a link to a bogus support service. Please do not click his link and do not contact the “support” team at that link.


Southpaw,. Thanks soooo much for telling me this. I did click on the link :expressionless:, but did not contact the bogus support group. I will be more cautious next time! I really appreciate you taking the time to tell me about this!

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Hi, Libby,
Unlike @louisdi, not that I see any fault in his reply or approach --in general I find his troubleshooting to be very good and think he can find issues when lots of others can’t, just the same I am inclined to focus on finding out whether this is a coverage issue or not but I have a question that may confirm or eliminate it. The cell signal strength indicator triangle up in the notification bar at the top of your screen – does it have a tiny ‘x’ in the bottom right corner when you can’t update maps or send a text? If so that means you can’t get a data connection even if you have lots of bars of signal strength showing. In contrast when you DO have a data connection there would likely be two small triangles-- one pointing up and one pointing down flashing on and off on the right side (Upright bar) of the signal strength ‘meter’; those would indicate data is flowing upstream or downstream when the triangle is “on”. This isn’t an instant diagnosis i.e. you will have to watch any time you are doing an activity that requires data, like fetching email, sending an MMS (a plain text with an emoji in it or that is over 160 letters (including spaces and punctuation marks) will be treated as an MMS or picture text and will require a data connection. Short, plain, text messages can go over the cell voice connection. Besides being tedious and technical when you may prefer to be relaxed and casual these little things will let you know where you do and don’t have data available and eventually you will know where the data dead spots are. A good long term process; not a quick fix.

Hope this leads you to a fix even though it isn’t one on its own.


Thank you so much for your attempt to help. I am now back in Cedar Rapids and have opened this msg for the first time in weeks. I am wondering if the problem is just a setting on my phone. My son-in-law, who lives here, also uses Republic Wireless and has no connectivity issues. A message does come up that I am on cell and can only make calls. Sometimes when I attempt to send a text, I will get the message that “something” is preventing the msg from being sent. On this trip to Cedar Rapids (from Tulsa) I set my map directions before I left Tulsa and it gave me directions until I was about half way past Kansas City. At this point I still had a working map that let me know where I was (on it), with names of streets and hwys, but it no longer gave me directions. I could not text. Now that I am in CR I cannot get directions or text, but at least I have a working map. My phone must have saved some of CR for offline use? Last visit, I could only get a blank screen.

I will pay attention to your suggestions the next time I am out and about.


My son-in -law is home from work and I looked at his phone. Is the flashing triangle only when we are using cell towers for connection? Because he does not have a flashing triangle, either.We both turned off our wifi. I do have that little x in the triangle and he does not. Neither of us has a flashing triangle.

That’s right…the flashing triangles or up/down arrows indicate cellular data activity… so they are displayed only during active cellular data usage. Not all phones display this. If your Moto X4 has been upgraded to Pie…it will not display this.

I think the more important thing is the “x” on your cellular signal…which indicates “No data access”.

For the zip code you indicated… GSM or Tmobile signal is characterized as “fair signal” which means
it may work for outdoor use…and is in general useless for indoor use. It is amusing that your son-in-law is getting better GSM signal in those areas.

But the simplest way forward for you is to open a help ticket and request a 3.0 CDMA SIM card and move
to CDMA or Sprint coverage.

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Hello Amitl,

Thank you for the clarification. My phone is upgraded to Pie.

Last night an update was sent for my phone. It took awhile to download and install, but it did solve my problem. I no longer have a “x” on my cellular signal. I was able to access maps with directions this morning on my errands. What bliss!

After looking at some coverage maps for T-Mobile in Iowa, I am also surprised at how well his (now our) phone(s) work. I will ask for the CDMA SIM card. Will I be able to change back and forth with the cards? It looks like traveling would be better with a GSM card.

You’re welcome!

You can go back and forth between SIM cards with the caveat that a deactivated SIM card can only be reactivated up to 20 days after deactivation. Once you go past the 20 days you will need to acquire a new SIM card.

Bit of a hassle…but theoretically you could alternate between the two cards on a 19 day cycle :slight_smile: forever

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