Cannot log onto wifi. Moto E

What phone do you have? Moto E

What plan are you on? my choice 3g

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

Today I am not able to log on home, gym ect wifi. Wife moto E6 can log onto all including home. The wifi tab is on, on my phone. The available wifi all have strong signals. When I try to log on home wifi I have to enter PW. When I do I get “failed to save network,”, then “failed to connect vto network” Reset wifi and reset app done. System update done. Have not done factory reset. Any help appreciated.

Hi @josephk.d24e12,

I’d start by rebooting everything.

Turn off your phone.
Turn off your router.
If you have a separate modem, turn off the modem.
Wait 5 minutes.
Turn back on the modem, let it reconnect and settle in.
Turn back on the router. Wait for all the lights to indicate it is fully connected.
Turn back on the phone.

In your description you wrote:

What exactly do you mean by “reset wifi”?

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No luck with above recommendations. As before wife’s phone on home wifi with no issues. Wifi has strong signal.

Hi @josephk.d24e12

Thanks for testing and reporting back.

Please try booting your phone into Safe Mode to see if an ill-behaved app is causing this. If you click on the words Safe Mode in the previous sentence, that will take you to the instructions.

Once in Safe Mode, see if you can connect to WiFi.

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I noticed that there is no WiFi icon on the top of your screenshot.
I’m assuming WiFi is on in the settings… :thinking:

You can also run a hardware test of the WiFi using the Device Help app:

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No luck in safe mode connecting to wifi. I get the same 2 prompt as in my original message.

Thanks for testing and for getting back to us.

Are you able to use the Device Help app mentioned by @SuperT ? That would be a good way to test the hardware.

Device helped checked out ok. Wifi is on but always has a question mark in icon

Phone dors not automatically log onto previous wifi spots such as house and library

Try “forgetting” all the previous WiFi connections (including your home).
Then tap and turn off WiFi on your phone, wait 10 sec, turn WiFi back on and try a new connection to your home WiFi.

I can’t forget them. I don’t see a mode for that . I only get the lockbox or connect

Are you sure about the password you’re entering?

Otherwise I’m out of ideas and would proceed with a factory reset.
(Or you can hang on and see if more suggestions come in) :slight_smile:

My phone won’t log onto wifi without PW like at library or gym. I’ve checked PW on home wifi several times.

Long press on the SSID for a menu.

How? Steps?

Go to wifi. You will see a list of SSIDs. Long press on the one you want to forget, and select “forget” from the menu. Then attempt to reconnect by selecting the SSID, and entering in the key.

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For those of us who don’t speak geek natively, the SSID is the name of the WiFi network.

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