Cannot make or receive calls


What phone do you have? motorolla E4

What plan are you on? My choice talk + text + data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? talk + text+ data

Issue Description

I buy a new phone because my old one broke since August but I did not have time to activate that. I activated the new phone November 24untill today I cannot call or receive a call when I deal the number and send the call the sgreen send me cell configuration required when I touch ok it game reset Device when I touch OK the phone turned off I wrote to the expert he wrote me back some steps to followed no result I still cannot call or receive a call


Hi bentiwaj.vdg10a

Sorry your post has gone unanswered for almost a day.

If you are not receiving responses from the Expert…you should request the ticket be escalated to internal support. If your ticket is already escalated and you are still not receiving any response, please post your ticket number here and we can ping support on your behalf.

When you say, you activated your phone on Nov 24th…did your phone go through all the activation steps…did you get a final confirmation that your phone was fully activated?

Since you already have a ticket open… I would recommend that you continue to work with support to get this resolved quickly.


i have posted my problem to them what the said it is not helpful for me i would like to chat with a staff member directly that is 7 days i have enough, please


Hi @bentiwaj.vdg10a,

Your ticket with our technicians has a reply that has been awaiting your response since yesterday morning. If you’ll let them know what steps they provided that you have taken and what the results are, they will continue to troubleshoot with you.

Since we don’t have the phone in our hands, we need you to be part of the troubleshooting process. Please continue to work with the technician.

Your ticket is awaiting your reply here: