Cannot make Wi-Fi calls or text on Wi-Fi on Pixel 2


I just ordered (Black Friday) a Pixel 2 (not the XL) from the Google Store, and it appears this model is not fully supported yet from Republic Wireless. I can do calling and texting, but only with cellular data. I can’t make WiFi calls or texts, which is a problem since at work I receive no cellular connection.
I was told they are reviewing this issue, but it’s something to be aware of.
I am still able to browse the internet and use my Apps over WiFi, just no calls or texts.

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL BYOP Support

I’ve not seen this issue. You were told by support that it is a known issue? What happens when you try to call/text over wifi?


Is your work WiFI the only network you are having this issue?


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I’ve moved your reply to our announcement to its own thread since it is specific to an issue you are experiencing.


Hi @louisdi,

This is not a known issue on the Pixel 2.


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I think @coreyk is on the right track here. Have you tried calling and texting when on Wi-Fi on other networks? If not, would you please test that? If you have a McDonald’s, Starbucks, or even a Lowe’s hardware store nearby, stop in, put the phone in Airplane mode, re-enable Wi-Fi, connect to the network, agree to the terms of using the network, and then try to send a text message over Wi-Fi.

If you’ll let me know whether McDonald’s or Starbucks is more convenient, I’ll send you a little something so you can enjoy a cup of coffee while you perform this test. :coffee:


I’m using a Pixel 2 right now without issue. When the phone 1st came out the was an issue with calls over WiFi but our app update fixed that.


Reading on the Google website, I should have an option for Wi-Fi Calling in my “Phone App” Setting: Calls.
I’m not seeing this option on my phone right. This is a new phone, so it might be a different model number (my Build Number is OPD1.170816.025). As a side note, my new SIM card appears to be working. I can make calls/texts and use data over the cellular network. My wife, who got the same phone with me, is having the same issue I’m having, so it’s not a one-off occurrence.
I’ve tested in 2 local stores that have free wifi, and at my home. The WiFi texting feature didn’t work in any of these locations.


Try doing a voip refresh on your phone


I have done a VOIP on my phone… twice for good luck :wink:
The issue continues on.


That setting in the phone app isn’t anything you need to configure. Make sure you have the latest update for the Republic Wireless app from the Play Store.


I have the most updated App on my phone - version


I’m having similar issues with my Pixel 2 starting today or last night. The arc is hollow and says “Calls & Messages over cell, WiFi data”

I’ve ensured I have no pending updates in Play Store, I’ve rebooted my modem, router, and access points. My speed tests are 70 Mbps / 5 Mbps. Was working just a few days ago and no change to my network configuration.

Rebooted the phone, VOIPed my phone and no luck. I have Republic because I have no cell coverage in my basement and I need wifi to allow me to use my phone.


I had checked the Status page before posting this, but now they have added it as a current issue and a fix is in place and I’m all set.


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