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I activated my phone 2 nights ago. Texting was fine. Last night I could no longer send texts at all. This morning I was able to send SMS, but not MMS.

Originally I was running Samsung Message and it was working fine until last night. Over the course of the day I have installed Google Message - as is recommended - but that has not fixed the problem. After installation the Samsung app wants to be the default and when I decline the Google app stops working.

Another thing that has started is a message about not having a valid phone number which is news to me because I can make calls on this new phone with the same number I have had for 8 years five of which have been with Republic.

I have refreshed the Republic install. Not helping, btw

Samsung Messaging won’t work for certain. I don’t know why but they haven’t bothered to update their app to the latest messaging API (over 3 years old now) so it is incompatible.

When you install and open Google’s Messages it should ask you to make it default. You should then use the Messages App only, and not the Samsung Messages App any longer.

As far as the valid phone number message, where are you seeing that?

@peterc.ogisi5 Are you still having this issue?

Nope. I’m all set. Thanks!

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