Cannot receive calls on wifi

What phone do you have? Moto G5+

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? talk & text

Issue Description

Cannot receive calls on wifi. They go straight to voicemail.

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Assuming this is at home on a WiFi Network you have control of:

  1. Run Republic Diagnostics; RW App / ? / Run diagnostic test
    • Post screenshot of results
  2. See Router Tweaks - Keep WiFi 1st - a Community Guide
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Warning: These logs contain personal information. Be wary of sharing this information with anyone other than a member of Republic’s support staff.

Manufacturer: INFO: motorola

Model: INFO: Moto G (5) Plus

ROM Version: INFO: motorola/potter/potter:8.1.0/OPSS28.85-17-6/21457:user/release-keys

Device ID: INFO: ending in 165

IMEI: INFO: ending in 165

MEID: INFO: ending in 416

Process Information: INFO: Pid: 17742 Uid: 10008 Timezone: Mountain Standard Time

Free RAM: PASS: 134616 / 3706028

Free Storage: PASS: 40.10 GB Available / 57.67 GB Total

SD Card Used: INFO: found total_mb=60902 free_mb=60747 dir=/storage/48F2-1A0B/Android/data/

Battery: INFO: status=invalid capacity=85% remainingEnergy=-9223372036854775808nanowatt-hours averageCurrent=0microamperes instantaneousCurrent=263975microamperes chargeCounter=2617079microampere-hours

Not Doze Mode: PASS: doze_mode=false light_doze=false

System Time: INFO: uptime=10 days 14 hours 32 minutes, now=Mon Apr 26 12:35:57 MDT 2021

SIM Slot Count: PASS: 1

Has SIM Card: PASS: 1

SIM ICCID: INFO: ending in 216 in SIM slot 0

Has Republic SIM Card: PASS: true

Republic SIM Slot Position: PASS: 0

Republic SIM State: PASS: Ready

Republic SIM Card Type: INFO: CDMA (CSIM)

Republic SIM Operator: PASS: 310000

Republic SIM Operator Name: INFO: Republic

Phone Type: PASS: CDMA

Has Carrier Privileges: PASS: true

Number of Installed Applications: INFO: 254

Airplane Mode: PASS: 0

WiFi enabled: PASS: true

WiFi Associated: PASS: true

WiFi Co-Channel: WARN: 5210 MHz @ -42 dBm: 2 interfering and 0 non-interfering on the same frequency

WiFi Cross-Channel: PASS: 5210 MHz @ -42 dBm: 0 overlapping and 1 non-overlapping

WiFi RSSI: PASS: -43 dBm

WiFi Is 5GHz Capable: INFO: true

WiFi Frequency / Channel: INFO: 5220 MHz (Channel 42)

WiFi Link Speed: INFO: 150 Mbps

Assigned IP Address(es): PASS: ending in 103

Captive Portal: PASS: false

WiFi Connected: PASS: true

Cell Service State: WARN: Out of Service, Home, Network=00000/Republic/Republic

Cell Network Operator: FAIL: 00000

Cell Network Operator Name: INFO: Republic

Cell Signal Strength: INFO: 0

Is on Cell Roaming Network: INFO: false

All Cell Station Info: INFO:

Is Voice Capable: PASS: true

Call State: PASS: Idle

Cell Voice Network Type: INFO: Unknown

Cell Network Data Type: INFO: Unknown

Is Cell Data Enabled: PASS: true

Cell Data State: INFO: Disconnected

Is Active Data Network Cell: INFO: false

Is Metered Network: INFO: false

Data Saver: PASS: 1: disabled

Concurrent Voice and Data: INFO: false

Ping Gateway: PASS: 10 transmitted 10 received unreachable=false summary: rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 1.255/2.872/4.398/0.974 ms

Ping ISP: PASS: 10 transmitted 10 received unreachable=false summary: rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 2.291/4.727/13.676/3.123 ms

Ping Offsite: PASS: 10 transmitted 10 received unreachable=false summary: rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 20.155/21.408/23.341/1.037 ms

DNS resolution: PASS: true

HTTP Connect for 204: PASS: 204

HTTP Connect for 204 using https: PASS: 204

OS Network Connectivity: PASS: CONNECTED

Is Provisioned: PASS: true

SIP Connected: PASS: isVoipAsExpected=true isVoipConnected=true isWifiConnected=true

MQTT Connected: PASS: true

VoIP Network Jitter (from echo server) with ‘possible’ threshold: PASS: 0.90

VoIP Network Latency (from echo server) with ‘possible’ threshold: PASS: 31.00

VoIP Network Packet Loss (from echo server) with ‘possible’ threshold: PASS: 0.00

VoIP Network Jitter (from echo server) with ‘good’ threshold: PASS: 0.90

VoIP Network Latency (from echo server) with ‘good’ threshold: PASS: 31.00

VoIP Network Packet Loss (from echo server) with ‘good’ threshold: PASS: 0.00

SDK Permissions: PASS: android.permission.ACCOUNT_MANAGER=no android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS=yes android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION=yes android.permission.CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE=yes android.permission.READ_CONTACTS=yes

Line 1 Number: INFO: ending in 3285

Telecom Permissions: PASS: android.permission.WRITE_SETTINGS=yes android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED=yes android.permission.BLUETOOTH=yes android.permission.INTERNET=yes android.permission.PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS=no android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE=yes android.permission.SEND_SMS=yes android.permission.CHANGE_WIFI_STATE=yes android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE=yes android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE=no android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE=yes android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO=yes android.permission.WAKE_LOCK=yes

APK Version: PASS:

APK First Install Date: INFO: Tue Apr 20 22:11:18 MDT 2021

Is Rooted: PASS: false

Carrier Configuration: PASS:

APN Configuration: PASS: Missing APNs: None

Default Messaging App: PASS: Messages (

Device Compatible: PASS: 2

Exempt From Battery Restrictions: INFO: true

Republic Services Status: PASS: Activations | Provisioning: operational, Calling: operational, Texting: operational, MMS Messages: operational, My Account Portal: operational, Support | Help Center: operational, Voicemail: operational, Republic Anywhere: operational

MMS Upload: PASS: true

Cell Data Remaining: PASS: 0MB remaining (0 bytes), 6MB used (7131543 bytes)

ROM Version with SIM Issue: INFO: This device is not an affected model

Data Freeze is Enabled: PASS: false

Is Cell Data Roaming Enabled: PASS: true

Voicemail Status DB: PASS: true

Voicemail Count: PASS: 1

Voicemail Forwarding: PASS: unset

Voicemail Greeting: PASS: greeting

  • The log shows you should have received a Warning as the channel you are using is experiencing Co-channel interference, this takes place when two access points within a network are on the same channel , causing interference that weakens the signal and thus provides problems to the end-user experience on the network
    • You need to review the 2nd bullet item in my initial response and select a different channel (you’re currently on 42)
  • What is the status of the Sprint network at home? # of bars and if you turn off WiFi in Settings can you make a call
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Thank you for your prompt response. If I understand correctly the channel selection will require access to the router for programming. The last time our isp replaced the router the password to the router was changed. I’m sure that I can request that information from the isp tech support. I will chase that when I get the opportunity. As for Sprint network at this location, there is none. Not possible to place or receive calls except on Wifi. I generally use a landline here at home and when at other locations that I am connected to WiFi I receive calls normally. Please close this topic as I’m fairly certain that you are correct about the channel selection. I appreciate your help.



ok, that coincides with what the diagnostics show for telco connection, (Sprint-CDMA)
With the advent of combining T-Mobile/Sprint facilities there have been reliable reports of users connecting to both. So a couple of things you may want to explore:

  1. Turn off Cellular connection (Go into Airplane Mode, then in the Android settings on your phone turn on the WiFi
    • Note: the status indicator will not reflect the connection to your WiFi due to Android code limitations
  2. Post back your Zipcode, and the community can check to see if change over to GSM/T-Mobile would possibly benefit you.
  3. What is the router make/model (this is usually on a sticker on the back-bottom of router) then if you let us know the ISP perhaps one of us could check to see if you could access/update your router.
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Hello Jben,

  1. I always have the phone in airplane mode while at home with the WiFi
    turned on to preserve battery life.

  2. The zip code here is 59844. Up until now when updating our phones we
    have had to request CDMA sim cards since the only nearby tower is CDMA
    only. A new tower has been installed approximately 7 miles away but I
    cannot detect even the slightest improvement in signal strength and i
    can find no one who knows anything about it. I do not know if GSM or
    CDMA or if it has even been activated yet. I would like to get the
    answer to this last since I have been considering upgrading phones and
    obviously need the correct sim card.

  3. The router is a Comtrend, model NexusLink 3240 with the ISP

I did switch my phone over do a different option of available WiFi links
such as you see when connecting to WiFi sources looking at your phone
and was able to call my cell using the landline.


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Sorry I struckout trying to locate any cell towers near Heron, MT and you would probably have better luck with the ISP in getting your router channel changed.
You are currently on 42, and you could use the info provided in the Tools section at the end of Router Tweaks - Keep WiFi 1st - a Community Guide to predetermine what your other neighbors might be using, and select a clean channel and have the ISP change to that.

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