Cannot receive incoming text messages

What phone do you have? MOTO G6

What plan are you on? MY CHOICE +1GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? DATA INCLUDED

Issue Description

The only text messages I can receive are from other Republic Wireless customers.
When some people try to text me they receive a message stating it’s an invalid number. Other people are just wondering why I’m not responding as it appears to go through on their end. Phone calls work properly.

I was using the Android messaging app when I noticed the issue, so I tried the Republic Anywhere app an it didn’t allow incoming messages either. I tried using the app on my desktop computer and none of the messages come through there either.

I tried to update the Republic App
I tried refreshing the activation and rebooting
I cleared the cache
I verified mobile data & data roaming were enabled
I verified battery saver is off
I reset network settings
I started in safe mode
I tried receiving texts over cellular and over wifi.
Both contacts and non contacts can receive messages from me but no one can message me UNLESS they use Republic Wireless.

I have created a ticket and thus far they have only responded once and it was to reinstall the app…I did this again, and it didn’t solve the issue.


Edit to add:
Narrowing it down slowly: AT&T customers get the “invalid number” message. T-Mobile users texts fail however they do not receive an error message, from their end it appears to have went through. Tracfone users can text me. Republic Wireless member can text as well.

I tried a brand new SIM card. Problem continues.


Hi @amandah.s67way

I’m sorry to hear you’re having texting trouble.

Since you have created a ticket. I would recommend continuing to work with the Republic agent rather then using the Community at this point. Do let them know you are continuing to have problems! :wink:

Thanks for your remarks. Unfortunately I cannot wait a day between the responses from the agent. I need text messaging for work and the sheer number of messages I’m missing is creating panic.

I see another ambassador typing away … thy might be able to offer more advice. :slight_smile: Do you have the ticket number? One of the Experts might be able to get some attention to your ticket.

I had started a response, but I think your suggestion is best.

Just a shout out to @amandah.s67way … the great documentation that you provided didn’t leave much un-done as you provided all the responses to the usual 20 questions :southpawpoms: :southpawpoms:

Thanks, I like to exhaust every option before contacting anyone for help. I really feel like the key here is the message some people get when they try to text me it says: “Error Invalid Number. Please re-send using a valid 10 digit mobile number or valid short code.” Although it’s quite interesting that RW customers can text but no one else?

Maybe these can help:

Maybe try uninstalling and reinstalling the Republic app :thinking:

Okay I just tried this and asked someone to message me. No message came through on my end. The sender received the invalid number message again. I had them remove the contact and manually enter the 10 digit number. That did not work.

Narrowing it down slowly: AT&T customers get the “invalid number” message. TMobile users do not, from their end it appears to have went through. Tracfone users can text me. Republic Wireless member can text as well.

Edit to add: also cannot get banking texts to verify user so that I can login.

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This has all the earmarks of a routing problem from the specific AT&T customers, make sure you update your Ticket with this new information. If my guess is correct neither the Experts nor the rest of us will be able to help fix it.

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I have not heard from Republic since yesterday at 4pm on my ticket #1925866. I’m frustrated at the lack of support, I’ve never encountered this before with RW.

I have asked Tech Support to look into your Ticket, and you should hear from them with an update shortly (probably under 30 min)


Was the Republic Tech folks able to get you working or put a plan in place?

Problem still remains. I checked the account portal and the text messages aren’t in the history there. So it would seem the issue isn’t my phone, it’s my number/account. Text messages just not making it through for some reason. Tech support is just as lost as I am, they’ve not had me try anything. It’s taking all my willpower not to toss this phone into the street.

As I don’t have access to your Ticket (only RW personnel and you have that), can I assume that you have told them all you have done, and that you can replicate it at will?

  • I would suggest you consider the following approach
    1. Use your opening list of things you did, and update it with the information you included about calls from AT&T fails, from T-Mobile works, and the time of a very recent call that failed (usually within 24 hours they can view trace data to determine if the call ever made it to Republic)
      • Include the phone number & time that the AT&T call failed
    2. Request that they review the data and escalate internally as necessary to get an acceptable conclusion to your problem

I have done these things, I continually let them know of every detail including screenshots from the failed texts from both AT&T and T-Mobile. I think people are tiring of me asking them to try again with text messages and to send me screenshots of failed messages.
I appreciate your suggestions.

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Hi @amandah.s67way,

Thanks for your thoroughness working through this. I’m reviewing your ticket now, but cannot comment on it here, because the ticket number you gave earlier in this conversation was not opened by the same account you are using here in Community.

I will, however, make some notes in the ticket and try to make sure it is getting the attention it deserves. Thank you asking your friends to send you test texts. If they are tiring of that exercise, you may certainly ask our Help Team to send text test messages from non-RW phones. They have a few at their disposal. It’s a little harder, because we are all working remotely at this time, so they can’t just walk over to the phone lab and grab a non-RW phone and send a text, but they can manage to get it done so you don’t have to keep bugging your friends.


Thankfully the issue has been resolved. The engineers were a great help. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and moral support :wink:

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