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Moto G5

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My Choice

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1GB Data + ability to add more

Issue Description

I can no longer buy data! I’ve tried several times through the app as well as the website, my payment options are working perfectly fine, and it’s been this way since Friday! I don’t understand what’s going on. The last two experts haven’t helped at all… Something is WRONG with Republic Wireless. If I want data, I should be able to purchase it - it’s not like they run out or anything!

Hi Mary, welcome to the community. Can you provide us some additional data? What exactly is happening when you try to purchase data? Have you tried from the website rather than the phone?

I’ve tried both thru the app, as well as the website, like I detailed in my initial complaint… And nothing happens, that’s the problem - each time, I click through, request 1 GB, it gives me the notification “Thank you! Your order is being processed. You will receive and email and notification” and THAT is where the problems begin. Out of 7 times that I have tried purchasing data since Friday, I have received zero emails and zero notifications. It normally only takes 3 minutes to receive data… I am lost.

Have your checked your payment card to see if it was actually charged any of the 7 times you submitted the order?

This needs help from the support team. Do you have an open ticket?

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Hi @maryp.2lc55i,

Although I’m not finding any conversations between you and our Experts, please know that our Experts do not have account access. If you have an issue that requires account assistance, please open a ticket so our staff can assist you.


May sound like dumb questions but would to verify, you’re actually out of cell data, unable to access the web and verified data zero left on the phone app? Have you reached RW’s 15GB limit? Have you made any recent account or plan changes? Thank you.


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